Which is The Best Area to Live in Antalya

Which is The Best Area to Live in Antalya?

Antalya, located in the west of the Mediterranean region and between the Antalya Gulf and the Western Taurus Mountains, is one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey. Antalya is rapidly populated and developing, especially with the effect of tourism. It is the fifth crowded city in Turkey, so it shows the value and attention it gets. The best part of Antalya is that there are many activities that people of all ages and nationalities can do, whether it’s golfing or shopping, or going extreme and bungee-jumping. The city, which has always been a center of attention with its blue flag beaches, charming districts, and natural beauties, also draws attention with its historical sites. Due to its ever-expanding foreigner population, Antalya is a city where you can feel at home. Antalya is a big city and has 19 districts in total which are:

  1. Alanya
  2. Akseki
  3. Aksu
  4. Demre
  5. Dosemealti
  6. Elmali
  7. Finike
  8. Gazipasa         
  9. Gundogmus
  10. Ibradi      
  11. Kas
  12. Kemer
  13. Kepez
  14. Konyaalti
  15. Korkuteli
  16. Kumluca
  17. Manavgat
  18. Muratpasa
  19. Serik


You can choose any of these districts to buy a property or rent a home. But the best areas in Antalya are Lara Beach, Konyaalti Beach, Alanya, Belek, Kalkan, and Side, according to many locals’ and foreigners’ opinions. That’s because these areas have much to offer such as bars and pubs to hang out with friends, restaurants to have a taste in Mediterranean cuisine, malls, shops, various sporting activities to do, marinas, historical sites, and so on. You can take a look at this Antalya Guide to get more information about the city.

1. Lara Beach in Antalya Centre

Lara Beach is among the best areas to stay in the Antalya region. It is located in Antalya’s Muratpasa district. There are currently 513,035 people live in Muratpasa. 51.1% of it is female and 48.9% of it is male. Lara Beach is the nearest neighborhood to Antalya Airport, which is 15 kilometers away. Lara Beach, one of Antalya’s oldest tourist destinations, is also a solid favorite among expats of many countries who reside there all year. Expats who want an active city life will find whatever they’re looking for. There are various of restaurants, pubs, themed clubs, and yearly events in the nearby city center. Weekly bazaars, as well as huge shopping malls with modern, worldwide brands, contribute to Antalya’s cosmopolitan theme.

Lara means water fairy in mythology, and that suits Lara. That’s because there are many places where you can feel the serenity of water. One of them is Lara Beach. Lara Beach is famous for its warm sea and fine golden-colored sands which cover the seabed and the entire coastline. That’s why Lara Beach is known as Altinkum Beach (Goldensan maind Beach) as well. And there is also Duden River, which splits into two branches: Upper Duden and Lower Duden. Lower Duden is quite close to Lara.  Here you can see the famous Duden Waterfalls, which pour into the Mediterranean Sea from a cliff that’s 40 meters high. And if you’re interested in history, you can pay a visit to Perge Ancient City. There’s also a town nearby, that is Kaleici (Old Town). Kaleici stands out with its architectural texture. There is a layered history that has been the heart of this area since the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Ottoman periods. You can see old Antalya houses with lots of restaurants, souvenir shops, and bars that fill up even on weekdays.

When it comes to vibrant nightlife, Lara Beach is one of the best places in Antalya. In Lara Beach, Jolly Joker Pub, Inferno, Zodiac Bar, Havana Club, Kalina Bar, and Neptuno Bar are the places where you can enjoy Antalya nights. Of course, these are just a few of the Lara Beach night spots. While wandering around the area, you will come across many other entertainment venues.

Living in Lara Beach is a little more expensive than in other districts, but the advantage of Lara Beach is that it offers what other districts can’t, in Lara life continues vibrantly even after the summer season when tourists return home. It’s one of the reasons why Lara Beach appeals to real estate investors. You may settle in Lara Beach without any regrets and buy or rent whatever type of property you choose on our website.

2. Konyaalti Beach

Konyaalti Beach is one of the best areas in Antalya. It is located at the western end of the city and is approximately 20 minutes from the Antalya Airport, so transportation from the airport to Konyaalti Beach is quite easy. It is surrounded by Muratpasa, Kepez, Dumlupinar Boulevard, and Cakirlar Road. There are currently 189,078 people live in Konyaalti. 51.8% of it is female, 48.2% of it is male.

On the coastline of Konyaalti Beach, there’s Beach Antalya Life Park. It has a 1,000,000 square meters area with a 7 kilometers coastline that reaches from the region called Varyant to Bogacayi. It is the perfect place to do outdoor activities, such as cycling, basketball, tennis, and skateboarding. More than 50 food, beverage, and shopping establishments and more than 30 clean and decent beaches await you at Beach Antalya Life Park. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality completed the Bogacayi Project with the recreation work, transforming it from a swamp into a living space, which made Konyaalti Beach more appealing to property investors.

In Konyaalti Beach, you are always nearby to the seaside. Its beaches made Trip Advisor’s top ten list of Turkey’s sandy havens. In here, the sea season opens in May and continues until the end of October.

The most important cultural and artistic events in Antalya are mainly hosted by Konyaalti Open Air Theater, Glass Pyramid, and AKM (Ataturk Cultural Center). On top of that, Konyaaltı Municipality opened the Nazım Hikmet Fair and Congress Center last year and all special plays are staged in this center. Like any other place in Antalya, Konyaalti has lots of historical places as well. You can visit the Antalya Museum, Hadrian’s Gate (Uckapilar), and the ancient Rome Bath.

About nightlife in Konyalti Beach, there are a limited number of bars, restaurants, and taverns. As Konyaalti is close to the Antalya city center, many prefer the city center for nightlife. But Irish Pub, The Barrels, and Benim Adım Cemil (My Name is Cemil) are some of the places you can hang out with your friends.

And if you’re wondering about the cost of living in Konyaalti Beach, getting a property is more budget-friendly than Lara Beach in general. If you want to settle in Konyaalti Beach, you can check our website.

3. Alanya

Alanya is the shining star of the Mediterranean region with its history, natural beauties, streets, and beaches. The city is a magnificent living space established between the green Taurus Mountains and the blue Mediterranean Sea. It’s a bit far away from the Antalya city center, approximately 135 kilometers, but Alanya-Gazipasa Airport is near, which is 45 kilometers away. Airport transportation is extremely simple.

The main economic resource of the Alanya is tourism. 2/3 of the tourists coming to Antalya for holiday choose Alanya. There are currently 333,104 people live in Alanya, 49.2% of it is female, 50.8% of it is male.

30% of foreign property purchases are made in Alanya. Many foreigners choose Tosmur and Kestel regions to live in Alanya but if you’re looking for more budget-friendly options consider the Avsallar region. You can also check Konakli, Mahmutlar and Cleopatra Beach as well if you want to live near the seaside. Konakli region is a place where you can experience Turkey nightlife. Cleopatra Beach is known for its clear blue waters and it’s one of the best beaches in the Antalya region.

Life flows fast in Alanya, and there are many places to visit and activities to do so that you won’t find time to get bored. There are many museums and cultural centers here such as Alanya Archeological Museum, Alanya Atatürk House Museum, Huseyin Azakoglu City Museum, and Omurlu Kemal Atli Cultural Centre. If you want to spend your time on the sea, you can swim, scuba-dive, rent a boat or join a tour to see the caves around Alanya’s shores such as the Phosphorus Cave and the Pirates’ Cave. Around the city center, there are ice rinks, theme parks, and amusement parks for anyone at any age to have fun. If you ever visit Alanya or decide to live here, you should see the Alanya Castle, Red Tower (Kizilkule), and Alanya Shipyard in the region. You can take a little road trip to see the plateaus of Alanya, Sapadere Canyon, Dim River or experience a jeep safari and quad safari. Damlatas Cave and Dim Cave are amazing places to see as well. When it comes to vibrant nightlife, since people from different cultures come together for holidays and entertainment, all kinds of entertainment can be found in and around Alanya Harbor.

Nightclubs such as Summer Garden, Havana Club & Bar, Robin Hood Night Club, Bistro Bellman Club, Hollywood Club, and Istanbul Club are among the places frequently preferred by those who go to Alanya. If you don’t like loud music or just want to have a drink and chat with your friends, you can choose places like Red Tower Brewery Restaurant, Harry’s Pub, Ev Restaurant Wine House, Gold Carafe Wine House.

When it comes to choosing a property, Alanya is a good option. That’s why many expats live in Alanya. It is a suitable place to start a new chapter of your life. If you want to rent or buy a property in Alanya, you can take a look at our listings: Properties in Alanya.

4. Belek

Belek is located 30 kilometers east of Antalya city center, along a 20 kilometer stretch of shoreline between Aksu Brook and Acisu Creek. Belek is bordered on the west by Antalya city center, on the east by Side, on the north by Serik, and on the south by the Mediterranean Sea. Antalya Airport is the nearest airport to Belek which is 32 kilometers away. There are currently 7,990 people live in Belek. 46.1 % of it is female, 53.9% of it is male.

There’s one thing that pops in mind when thinking about Belek, which is the golf facilities of Belek hotels. It is not only the golfing center of Turkey but also outranks locations in Spain and Portugal as the best spot to live out your golfing retirement dream, with over 15 world-class championship golf courses that have hosted big personalities like Tiger Woods and Barack Obama. If you are a golf enthusiast, Belek is the right address.

Continuing to serve under Rixos World Parks & Entertainment since 2016 with the slogan “Turkey’s largest life and entertainment park”, The Land of Legends has managed to become one of the places symbolizing Belek in a few years. The Land of Legends hosts state-of-the-art water slides and a series of adrenaline-filled fun areas that appeal to people. The Land of Legends, which is one of the places suitable for children in Belek, has a special activity area for children, slides, pools with glass partitions, and many more special activity areas.

You can visit the nearby historical sites like the Ancient City of Perge, the Ancient City of Sillyon, and the Theatre and Aqueducts of the Ancient City of Aspendos, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In Belek, which is home to many luxury facilities and hotels, the nightlife is generally concentrated in hotels. Animation shows and concerts held in hotels continue throughout the season. However, there are many cafes and bars in the center of Belek too, such as Dock’s Pier Bar, The Brezza Bar, Galeon Bar, Gloria Pub, Soho Belek Night Club. These are the most popular places of Belek nightlife. When you want to have fun, it is enough to take a tour in the streets of Belek and enter a place you like and let yourself fall into the arms of the night. If you decide to live in Belek, Realty Group may help you find the property you like.

5. Kalkan

Kalkan is a town located in the west of Antalya, in the Kas district. Located between Fethiye and Antalya, Kalkan is 27 kilometers from Kas and 210 kilometers from Antalya. The total population in Kalkan is 3,647; 47.4% of it is female, 52.6% of it is male.

The town of Kalkan, which is believed to have been founded by traders from the island of Meis, which is a Greek island across Kalkan. Kalkan remained untouched for many years due to the difficulty of transportation, therefore its natural beauties have been preserved until today. It has been an important city for years and has attracted attention due to its strategic location. When describing Kalkan, famous historian Herodotus used the expression “the closest place to the stars on earth”.

When you’re in Kalkan, it’s easy to feel like you’re in Santorini. Kalkan is one of the best cities in Antalya and Turkey’s hidden corner of paradise, with the perfect harmony of blue and green. Not being only a holiday destination, Kalkan also hosts world-famous ancient cities such as Xanthos-Letoon, which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage, the Ancient City of Patara, which is the capital of Lycia, and Pirha Ruins. Patara is also known as the place where St. Nicholas, known as Santa Claus, lived. In addition, Patara Beach is a must-see place in Kalkan. It’s famous for its dunes and has been taken under protection since it is among the places where sea turtles (Caretta Caretta) lay eggs.

There are many caves in Kalkan as well, but you can only reach them by boat. These caves are Blue Cave, Guvercinlik Sea Cave, and Inbas Cave. Kalkan is also famous for its beaches. It’s a bit hard to get there, but you should see Kaputas Beach in the area.

Of course, it is impossible not to talk about nightlife in Kalkan when it is so lively during the day. Kalkan is an old Greek fishing village. As such, you can imagine how warm and friendly it is. While walking on the streets, it is possible to see many bars in the harbor and the bazaar such as Fountain, Mini Bar, Yali Bar, Sade Terrace, Botanic Garden Bar, and Black & Gold. In the port, every place is by the sea, so you can watch both the boats and the sea from wherever you sit. If you like to dance until the first light of the morning, Club Chocolate and Club Mojito are good choices.

The latest rising trend in Kalkan is to rent a villa for holidays. But Kalkan is a long-term place to live and an option to consider when deciding to move to Antalya.

6. Side

Side is one of the biggest neighborhoods in Antalya. It’s a holiday resort located in the Manavgat district. Side is 60 kilometers from Antalya Airport and 78 kilometers from Antalya. There are currently 13,183 people live on Side. 46% of it is female, 54% of it is male.

It is one of the most preferred holiday resorts in Antalya. In Side, the population doubles during the summer season. Sea season opens in April and lasts until the end of October. There are many beaches nearby that you can swim and sunbathe.

This charming town, one of the oldest cities in the world, is rich in history, archeology, and culture too. There are so many things to do in Side that it’s not easy to choose which one to start with. Historical places add a unique aura to the town and carry traces of thousands of years. Side hosts many historical sites to see, such as the Ancient City of Side, Temples of Apollo and Athena, Side Ancient Theatre, State Agora, and Seleucia (part of ancient Pamphylia).


Manavgat Waterfall and Titreyengol, located 5 kilometers from Side, are among the natural beauties in Side worth seeing. If you are an adrenaline lover, you can join rafting on Manavgat River or Koprulu Canyon National Park or spend exciting hours with ATV tours. If you’re into water sports, at Hip-Notics Cable Park, you can experience mono ski, wakeboard, knee-board, disk-ski, jump-ski or you can dive at Turkey’s first underwater museum, Museum of Underwater Side to see many sculptures.

Side is known for its colorful nightlife too. The fun continues until the first light of the morning in Side, which hosts many local and foreign tourists. Karma Club Side, where entertainment continues non-stop with DJ performances, is one of the most preferred entertainment clubs in Side. Liman Lounge Club is also among the famous nightclubs of Side with light shows accompanied by DJ performances. If you want to have fun with live music, you can go to Side House Cafe & Bar and Old Town Pub & Bistro. Cafe Easy Rider, Side Beach Club, Twins Pub & Bistro, and Royal Castle Bar are among the places you can go. And of course, there are bars and discos in the 4- or 5-star holiday villages too. Sometimes famous names of Turkey organize concerts in these hotels.

As you can see, it’s not surprising to see many foreigners choose Side to live in.  So, if you’re looking for a property to buy or rent in Antalya, Side is one of the best districts to do that.

What are the Other Places in Antalya?

Antalya has a lot to offer as you see. Besides Lara Beach, Konyaalti Beach, Alanya, Belek, Kalkan, and Side, other parts of Antalya are as worthful to see as. The Lycian Way is one of them. Lycian Way is 555 kilometers long in total. Starting from Mugla’s Ovacik region, the route ends in Geyikbayiri village in Antalya. It’s a great road to hike and camp to discover nature and yourself along the way. It is cited by various sources as one of the top 10 long-distance hiking routes in the world. The view of Gelidonya Lighthouse on the track was chosen as the most beautiful view of Turkey in 2007. Also, the first underwater excavation in the world in which a whole ship could be excavated was carried out in the American Bay, which can be seen from this region.

Antalya has other gems too. Olympos is one of them. Olympos is a town in the Kumluca district of Antalya. It’s 85 kilometers away from the city center and one of the best places in Antalya. With its untouched beach along the Mediterranean coast, treehouses in harmony with nature, forests where you can see all shades of green, Olympos welcomes countless local and foreign guests every year. Olympos is completely under protection as an archaeological and natural site and is divided into two by the Akcay River that passes through the middle of the ancient city ruins. In Olympos, July and August are the nesting season of Caretta Carettas, so you can find the chance to see tiny turtles if you go down to the beach early in the morning.

What are the Other Places in Antalya?

Around Olympos, Adrasan is a place to see as well. Adrasan is one of the most beautiful bays of the Antalya Gulf, which has a length of 450 km. It is located in the Beydaglari National Park. If you want to enjoy the seaside peacefully, Adrasan is one of the best choices. It is a place where you can rent a bungalow or camp with your tent in nature. In addition, Zeytinlitas Cave, Karain Cave, and Ucansu Waterfall are also worth seeing.

How to Buy a House in Antalya?

If you have chosen Antalya to live in, warm days will be waiting for you in this wonderful city. If you want to spend more than half of the year swimming in the turquoise sea and sunbathing on the sparkling beaches, get lost in the magic of historical monuments, enjoy the delicious fish and light cuisine of the Mediterranean, and spend your life calmly and peacefully, you will see that you made the right decision to move to Antalya.

Expats are allowed to purchase real estate in Turkey. On the other hand, real estate sale contracts are only legal if they have been prepared by the land register office and signed with the accompany of a land registry officer. Any other real estate sale contract, whether handwritten or typed and signed, is null and invalid, regardless of whether the seller has received payment for the property. It is recommended that you contact a Turkish real estate attorney before you make any action.

After that, you should have a property specialist analyze the property’s worth and create a survey report after consulting with a real estate attorney. Your attorney will then investigate if the property has a mortgage and whether the necessary residential licenses have been secured by the municipality. Your real estate attorney may then arrange for a safe method of payment, allowing the transaction to be completed lawfully. The tax on real estate sales is 3% of the property’s stated value, according to the survey report. You will be the legal owner of the property as soon as the title deed is received from the land registry.

After purchasing real estate in Turkey, you must get the obligatory earthquake insurance before connecting utilities such as water and electricity. In large cities including Antalya, the annual real estate ownership tax is 0.2%.

What are the Reliable Real Estate Sites to Buy a House in Antalya?

There are many sites to visit when it comes to buying a house in Antalya. But it can be a bit challenging to find the one that is safe and provides all the information you need. We recommend you look at our website before deciding.

Realty Group: Realty Group ® has been the most professional real estate market leader based in Turkey since 2009. We have the experience, knowledge, and most importantly, enthusiasm to guide you through the process of buying, selling, investing, property management, finance, and after-sale services until you get Turkish Citizenship.

We have more than 11 years of a reputation built on customer satisfaction. We’re proud to say that over 73% of our new client base comes from reference clients that have not only experienced success through us but also enjoyed a hassle and stress-free experience in buying properties in Turkey.

Realty Group ® is the home of devoted, passionate, and highly qualified sales professionals who are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations. Because of our independence and extensive involvement in the real estate industry, we are able to expand our serviceability and marketing options for our customers.

We are passionate about what we do, which is why we strive to be dynamic and inventive in our approach to real estate. We actively pursue more effective and efficient methods of conducting our business by embracing new technologies. We want you to be happy with your decision to work with Realty Group ®, so we strive to exceed your expectations in every aspect of our business.

AntalyaHomes: Antalya Homes ® is established in 2004 and is a registered brand of Tekce Overseas Gayrimenkul AS. Lara (Antalya), Konyaalti (Antalya), Alanya, Göztepe (Istanbul), Cevizlibag (Istanbul), Bursa, and Trabzon are all registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the districts where the offices are located.

SpotBlue: The headquarters of Spot Blue International Property is in London, UK. Whether land or property, we offer a first-class service for our customers who want to purchase. Spot Blue was founded in 2003 with a focus on Turkey, which was the main property market, before branching out to countries such as Spain, UK, United States, and Portugal among others.

TurkeyHomes: Turkey Homes has a head office in London and branches in Istanbul, Fethiye, Bodrum, and many other parts of Turkey. It was founded by Tolga Ertukel, who has more than 20 years of expertise in marketing Turkish property to a global audience. The company has assisted many international purchasers in finding their dream house by providing a full property buying service from beginning to end.

How Many Foreigners Live in Antalya?

Antalya is known as the capital of tourism in Turkey. With the number of tourists, it hosts, Antalya has become the address of foreigners who prefer Turkey to live. Sometimes those who came for a holiday in Antalya cannot leave and choose to live here. While a total of 102,643 foreigners were registered in Antalya in 2019, 41,957 men and 60,686 women, this figure decreased by 9.6% for men to 37.911 and for women decreased by 7.1% to 56,383 in 2020. According to the data in 2020, the countries with the highest number of foreign nationals in Antalya are respectively Russia, Kazakhstan, and Germany.

Is Life Safe in Antalya?

With a low crime rate and a safe index of 74.35%, Antalya is a very safe city. Then again, you should take the same precautions you would do in any other city.

The most typical types of crime in Antalya are snatching, pickpocketing, and mugging, and you should be extra cautious near beaches. Another helpful tip that may be useful in Antalya is to be careful while driving since some of the drivers can be reckless and ignoring traffic rules, which can cause traffic accidents. Apart from this, transport is mostly safe in Antalya and works quite well.

Here are safety data from some residents who share their opinions about Antalya on the web:

Level of crime



Crime increasing in the past 3 years



Worries home broken and things stolen



Worries being mugged or robbed



Worries car stolen



Worries things from car stolen



Worries attacked



Worries being insulted



Worries being subject to a physical attack because of your skin color, ethnic origin, gender, or religion


Very Low

Problem people using or dealing drugs



Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft



Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery



Problem corruption and bribery



Safety walking alone during daylight


Very High

Safety walking alone during the night



Why is Antalya City Popular?

There are many reasons why people choose to visit or live in Antalya.

1. Its Unique Location Dominating the Mediterranean

Antalya is one of the indispensable places of coastal tourism which starts from the north of the Aegean and ends in the east of Antalya. For this reason, Antalya attracts the attention of many visitors, from luxury yacht tourism professionals to backpackers. Visitors can experience all the beauties of the Mediterranean by using the Fethiye – Antalya route.

2. A City with A History

Antalya has a history dating back to 200 BC. Antalya, which was called the paradise on earth by Attalus, the king of Pergamon and the owner of the dynasty that ruled Antalya, attracts visitors from all over the world with its history that is preserved until today. Memories of the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires that took the city after the Attalus Dynasty still prevail all over the city. While Hadrian’s Gate (Uckapilar), one of the most well-known places in the city, symbolizes the Byzantine period, you can see the traces of Ottoman culture the moment you step inside the door.

The most famous recreation areas of Antalya are undoubtedly its ancient cities. Ancient cities such as Phaselis, Olympos, and Aspendos still preserve their historical texture. Especially, Aspendos Theater attracts visitors from every country as one of the best-preserved historical buildings in the world.

3. Suitable Weather Every Day of the Year

When Antalya is mentioned one of the things that come to mind. Antalya has one of the hottest climates in Turkey. After sunbathing by the sea during the day, you can enjoy the warm weather in the evening too. However, visitors prefer Antalya because of its mild winter climate.

Thanks to the majestic Taurus Mountains surrounding Antalya, it is never exposed to a harsh winter climate. Even in winter, the sea temperature is around 16 degrees on average. While most parts of Turkey experience the winter season under heavy snow and rain in January and February, life in Antalya continues regardless of the weather conditions.

4. A Center Suitable for Accommodation

Antalya is a resort paradise that hosted the world’s most respected leaders within the scope of the G20. According to the data of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Antalya has more than 500 hotels. Among these hotels, it is possible to find any type of hotel you want, such as single-bed hostel-style hotels and all-inclusive luxury hotels.

Antalya beach hotels provide unique service thanks to their expert teams. These hotels, which have become famous in the world as well as in the country, give you more than your money’s worth. Hotels with a theme such as Titanic and Kremlin are very famous concepts in Antalya. However, the most well-known among the hotels is Mardan Palace, the most luxurious hotel in the Mediterranean. Mardan Palace is one of the most respected hotels in the world, with a cost of 1.4 billion dollars to build. Mardan Palace also holds the title of having the largest swimming pool in the Mediterranean.

5. Turkey’s Most Fascinating Beaches

In a city with a total coastline of 300 kilometers, it is impossible not to mention the beaches. However, all kinds of beaches of Antalya are beyond ordinary. Antalya, which is a paradise for sea, sand, sun, and beach lovers, has unique beaches such as Lara Beach and Konyaalti Beach. Cleopatra Beach, one of the world’s most famous beaches in Alanya, attracts many visitors from Turkey and abroad.

Patara, which is home to the endangered Caretta Caretta turtles, has become a place that draws attention with its natural beauty and is suitable for windsurfing. Kaputas Beach, on the other hand, has a striking beauty and combines the deep blue Mediterranean waters with its pristine nature and offers it to its visitors.

6. Cultural Paradise Antalya

Turkey is a country that hosts all kinds of visitors from every country. Some cities and resorts around the world have been visited only by the citizens of certain countries. However, Antalya has a feature that will appeal to the citizens of every country. For this reason, Antalya creates an image like the capital of the United Nations, especially in summer.

Foreign visitors are hosted by multilingual professional staff at the places where they stay. For this reason, visitors can speak their language very comfortably. In this respect, Antalya fulfills its duty to protect Turkey’s relations with other countries.

7. Homeland of Citrus Fruits

Turkey is an agricultural and nature paradise covered with different climates and vegetation. Antalya is home to citrus fruits with its magnificent climate and fertile soil in this perfect nature.

Antalya alone meets 20% of the production of these fruits in Turkey. Antalya and orange are so identified that the Golden Orange Film Festival, one of Turkey’s most famous and one of the world’s respected festivals, is presented in this city.

8. A City Rich in Natural Beauties

It is a known fact that Turkey is a country rich in natural beauties. Antalya is also home to many of these beauties. Antalya has natural wonders that you can visit and see whenever you want, regardless of summer or winter. Yanartas, located on the historical Lycian Way, has been the subject of many legends. In addition, Tahtalı Mountain, which is very close to the city center, presents all the beauties of Antalya in a magnificent way.

In Antalya, the unique city where the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean are intertwined, waterfalls are places where you can stay alone with nature. While the Manavgat Waterfall brings the water it brings from the Taurus Mountains to the Mediterranean, it also brings together blue and green in a magnificent way. Koprulu Canyon and its river is a center for those interested in rafting and water sports.

9. Indispensable Stop for Shopping and Nightlife

Antalya does not only attract attention with its natural areas and geographical location. You can also use the many social facilities in Antalya. Touristic shops established in old Antalya offer historical and touristic products to visitors. In addition to these shops, shopping centers such as 5M Migros and Deepo host many visitors during the day with a variety of products.

If you want to experience the nightlife to the fullest, nightclubs such as Antalya Club Arma and Club Ally will allow you to spend the night having fun. If you want to spend your day quietly and peacefully, you can watch the sunset at the open-air restaurants in Antalya.

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