what is it like living in Alnya,Antalya

What It is Like Living in Alanya, Antalya?

Tourists who have visited Turkey will admire the beauty and appeal of all Turkish cities, particularly Alanya, which is one of the most energetic cities in which you will feel a sense of vitality. For the hundreds of expats who call Alanya home, life is perfect. Alanya is a peaceful, tranquil city with low cost of living, and plenty of sunshine 300 days a year. Alanya, on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, is one of several expat hotspots hosting many foreigners, so no wonder that it’s one of the most popular destinations. July is the busiest for tourism in Alanya, Turkey, followed by August and May. During these months, hotel and flight prices will be at their highest, though you can save if you book ahead of time. In December, tourists are unlikely to visit Alanya. Those who are willing to go at these times will likely find it to be the most cost-effective month.

There are several activities available every day, which is why it is one of our favorite towns for individuals seeking various alternatives. It is suitable and great for summer holidays and vacations. Alanya is packed with many attractions that will keep you entertained at all times.

The local government’s recent efforts to advertise it to a global audience have resulted in a surge in tourists and foreign property buyers. Alanya is rising as a destination in its own right, despite being overshadowed by the greater Antalya region to which it belongs.

Where is Alanya?

What It is Like Living in Alanya, Antalya?

Alanya is situated on a peninsula between the Mediterranean Sea in the south and the Taurus Mountains in the north, roughly 100 kilometers (65 miles) east of Antalya (If you want to know more about What it’s Like Living in Antalya, Turkey?). Alanya is located in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey

History of Alanya

What It is Like Living in Alanya, Antalya?

The area’s ancient history and Byzantium era are unknown. According to the inscriptions of famous historian Heredot, several tribes moved here after the Trojan War. In the early 16th century BC, the Hittites attacked Alanya and murdered 600 people. They ruled Pamphylia and Cilicia during the time. Despite Great Antiocus’ attacks on Cilicia between 224 and 118 BC, the city remained independent due to the difficulty of capturing it. In the seventh century, fortresses were erected to safeguard the city from Arabian assaults. As a result, several castles and churches from the sixth and seventh centuries AD may be seen in Alanya. First known as Korakesium. Later in Byzantium, it was renamed Kalanoros.

After defeating the Christian tyrant Kyr Vart (1221-1237), Alaaddin Keykubad (1200-1237) took possession of the castle. The sultan married Kyr Vart’s daughter and built himself a palace at Alaiye. Alanya, like Konya (the sultanate’s capital), became a winter capital, and many new structures were created. During Alaaddin’s reign, the city was at its richest. Castles, dockyards, and other structures from the era still exist today.

After the Anatolian Seljuk Sultanate collapsed in 1300, the city was controlled by the Karamanoullar. Their capital was Konya. Alanya was ceded to the Egyptian Mameluk Sultanate for 5,000 gold coins in 1427. After all, the Ottomans took Alanya in 1471, courtesy to Gedik Ahmet Pasha, a general under Fatih Sultan Mehmet. Alanya was considered part of Cyprus in 1571 but was sanjak of Konya in 1864. A sanjak in 1868, Alanya became a county in 1871. Alanya was named by Ataturk in 1935.

What are the Climatic Characteristics of Alanya?

The city has moderate winters and sunny summers, earning it the nickname “Sun City.”

Alanya has some lovely humid months and some drastically drier months. October has the lowest relative humidity (45.5%), while May has the highest (57.9 percent). Alanya has a fairly quiet breeze. The windiest months are July, February, and April. The beach/pool score says early June to early August and mid-August to late September are the best periods to visit Alanya.

What is Alanya’s Population?

Alanya is Antalya’s third most populous district after Kepez and Muratpasa in terms of population density. It is the most densely populated of 14 districts other than the central districts. Alanya’s population increased by 4.86 percent from 312 thousand 319 in 2018 to 327 thousand 503 in 2019, with 51% of people in the middle age, 13% as elderly people, and the 36% left is young people. on a gender basis, the population is almost 50-50 split with a 1% increase for the male team. According to TURKSTAT data, Gazipasa, Alanya’s eastern neighbor, grew in population from 50 thousand 3 in 2018 to 50 thousand 555 in 2019. Manavgat, our western neighbor and a strong competitor in many sectors with Alanya, was below the 300 thousand mark. Manavgat’s population increased from 230 thousand 597 in 2018 to 241 thousand 11 in 2019.

How are the People of Alanya?

Most of Alanya’s inhabitants are Turks. Alanya’s inhabitants have a diverse culture influenced by traditions from Anatolia, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, the Caucasus, Eastern Europe, Middle Asia, and the antique world. Alanya’s fascinating hybrid culture has come together as a consequence of bringing all of the unique ingredients from the depths of antiquity.

Is Alanya Suitable for Family Life?

If you are moving your entire family to Alanya, then here is some of the information about affordability, quality of life, and the job market you want to know before moving there. The average cost of living, as in Antalya, is greater than the national minimum wage (approximately $380). For a 3-bedroom flat in the city center, expect to pay roughly TL 2,000. Purchasing a home is dependent on your budget, with prices ranging from TL 250,000 to millions of Turkish Liras.

Alanya is known for being one of the best cities to live in Turkey, because of the convenience and availability of amazing local hotspots such as cafes, social areas, and markets. Finally, working in Alanya is quite simple, depending on the type of career you seek. If you want to work for a well-established organization in the banking, construction, or real estate industries, you’ll almost certainly need a work visa. If you’re looking for a part-time job as a translator or administrative clerk in the hospitality or business services industry, Alanya is usually a good place to look.

Is Alanya Suitable for Foreigners?

Migrating to Turkey is one of the most often requested questions. The city’s residents speak a number of languages, including Turkish, English, Russian, and German, which are spoken by almost half of the world’s population. It is sometimes challenging for retirees to find things to do in their spare time. Alanya is just the right place for them as it gives the people the chance to be active, meet new people, and explore their interests. The Turkish people believe that guests are sent by God and should be treated as such. Tea (Cay in Turkish) is practically free.

For many, the financial benefits outweigh the risks. Because of the cheap cost per square meter, most retirees have a complete financial portfolio and can buy a house straight away. Some seaside districts, such as Mahmutlar, have half the property values of others, like Bodrum. Alanya offers outstanding value for money, both in terms of property prices and monthly living expenditures. Most foreigners save in high-interest bank accounts (10% to 15%) and live off the monthly interest. So they never touch their money and may live comfortably.

Is Alanya a Safe Place?

As Alanya is a popular tourist location and a reliable city, it can be assumed that it is rather safe for visitors and for people who are planning to reside in the city. Alanya’s residents are known for their courtesy and honesty. When you are in a difficult circumstance, the citizens will gladly assist you. Citizens are law-abiding, and the city’s police force is well-known for its strictness and fairness. You can always count on the assistance of the locals in any challenging scenario. Due to its distance from the lines of tremors and earthquakes, it is one of the Turkish cities that is protected from natural disasters. It is further distinguished by the presence of international protection in the region and the fact that it is not subject to asylum proceedings.

Is Life Expensive in Alanya?

Living in Alanya is not at all expensive. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and different types of meat are available at extremely reasonable costs all year at the local market. The costs of water, energy, telephone, and internet bills are added to the overall cost of living in Alanya. Alanya has a slightly lower cost of living than the typical city. The average cost of a hotel room is lower than the cost of a vacation rental. Due to the high cost of living in Alanya, luxury holiday accommodations are more expensive.

The table below shows some of the pricing in Alanya’s commercial centers:

The product

The price

Bread loaf (250 mg)


Egg tray


1 kg of chicken


1 kg of apples


1 liter of milk


1 kg of local cheese


1 kg of tomatoes


1 kg of oranges


1 kg of bananas


1.25 liters of water bottle


What are the Prices of Houses for Sale in Alanya?

What It is Like Living in Alanya, Antalya?

Due to the construction of modern and advanced residential complexes, the successful implementation of numerous urban projects, and the creative use of geographical locations in the construction of residential buildings with beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. There are many urban activities were developed recently. Property for sale in Alanya, Turkey can cost anything from $30k to $500k USD. The real estate industry is working on a new project, and demand is increasing year after year. For example, two studio apartments, the first is 75k USD and the second is 50k USD What is the difference? Sea view? Dimensions of the rooms? In most cases, a sea view affects the price of a building/apartment. (Click for more information about Alanya Properties and Prices)

What are the Rental House Prices in Alanya?

When it comes to the costs of renting a house in Alanya, we keep track of the following data for you:

The home

Rent value

1+1 apartment in the city center would cost per month


1+1 apartment on the outskirts of the city would cost per month


3+1 apartment in the city center would cost per month


3+1 apartment on the outskirts of the city would cost per month


The prices mentioned above are approximate since rental cost differs depending on the location you are moving to in Alanya and the amenities available in the building such as a swimming pool, gym, etc.

What are Reliable Real Estate Companies in Alanya?

For your convenience, we’ve included some of Alanya’s most respected real estate firms:

  • Since 2009, Realty Group ® has been Turkey’s most professional real estate leader. There is no better way to acquire Turkish citizenship than to work with professionals who have years of expertise and understanding in the field. With over 11 years of customer satisfaction, over 73 percent of their new clients come from referrals from happy clients who have had a hassle-free and stress-free experience buying property in Turkey with them.
  • TERRA Real Estate Ltd. is a privately held residential and commercial real estate brokerage enterprise focused on Turkey. Its portfolio includes properties in Alanya, Side, Antalya, Kemer, and Bodrum as well as in Cyprus (Kyrenia), Paphos and Limassol. They offer project management and consulting services.
  • Imtilak Real Estate is a big Turkish firm with offices in Istanbul, Trabzon, Sakarya, and Antalya. Afilias has agents in various Arab cities and relationships with most major Turkish construction businesses. Imtilak has a long history of success in the Turkish real estate industry, gaining local and regional recognition, as well as the trust of international investors and Turkish construction companies.
    Local brokerage firm specialized in Residential and Commercial Real Estate Consultations in Alanya.

How to Provide Transportation in Alanya?

The city’s public transit system makes getting around easy. The city buses are fully numbered, air-conditioned, and disabled-friendly. The bus doors slide open, making boarding and exiting the transport simple for the elderly and disabled. All buses include surveillance cameras and a monitor that shows the bus’s route and upcoming stop. It also features two or three doors for passengers to enter and pay in cash or by card. The Alanya city card, or Kent Kart, was intended to make bus travel easier. You may top up your card at any market in town. This eliminates road congestion, especially during rush hour, and guarantees bus organization. Buses stop often at marked bus stops. Bus routes are well-defined and well-known, as are bus stations. Bus timetables and hours are available online or at bus stops. The initial bus lines run past the city’s most significant landmarks, as well as the hotels located along the road. The bus stops are vast, and buses run every five minutes. Here are some of the most used buses:

101 Ataturk Boulevard

202 25. Meter Street

4 Alanya Castle

10 Dim Cay.

Smaller local buses (dolmush) connect the nearby communes to Alanya Center in addition to the numbered Alanya buses. The lines come to an end at Alanya’s Friday Bazaar Bus Station. You must proceed to the major bus station, called “Otogar,” for intercity services. Tickets can be obtained from any of the bus operators’ offices located at the station. Intercity buses are typically quite comfortable, air-conditioned, and modern, with onboard refreshments. You may easily travel to Manavgat, Antalya, Ankara, Bodrum, and other Turkish cities this way.

Distances & Travel Times from Alanya:

  • Adana is 440 kilometers away (273 miles) 8 hours E
  • Ankara is 665 kilometers away (413 miles) 11 hours N
  • Anamur is 135 kilometers long (84 miles) 2.5 hours, E
  • Antalya is 115 kilometers (72 miles) west of Istanbul, and it takes 2 hours to get there.
  • Istanbul is 840 kilometers away (522 miles) 14 hours NW
  • 320 kilometers from Konya (199 miles) 6 hours, N
  • 63 kilometers from the side (39 miles) 1.25 hours W
  • Silifke is 275 kilometers long (171 miles) 5 hours E
  • Tarsus is 352 kilometers away (219 miles) 6.5 hours, E
  • 600 km from Urgup (Cappadocia) (373 miles) 9 hours NE

Is There an Airport in Alanya?

Alanya-Gazipasa Airport has direct flights. Alanya, Konakli and Side. The Alanya-Gazipasa Airport’s official website offers the latest info. Arrival and departure times are given. Several Dutch and Scandinavian cities are serviced. Air France and Lufthansa fly to Gazipasa too. Istanbul and Ankara only in Gazipasa terminal One. Other options exist other than driving. The D 400 takes 30 minutes to drive to Gazipasa (3 km, 40 km east of Alanya). Galapa Airport: by GAL02, or MH11 buses. A private shuttle service is available. Bus journey time is around 60 minutes. Taxis are available outside the airport. Transport from Alanya costs $16-20. other towns like Incekum and Manavgat have currency exchange services.

How is the Health Services in Alanya?

Alanya’s health-care services are European-standard and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Alanya has one public hospital and a number of private hospitals and clinics. Recently, state hospital services have improved to a higher standard. In private hospitals, doctors speak English and there are foreign assistants on staff who can translate. In private hospitals, most European travel insurances are accepted. If it isn’t, remember to provide a medical report, a bill for services, and a payment confirmation, and your expenses will be reimbursed in your own country. If you maintain the prescription and the pharmacy bill, you may be able to obtain the money back for the recommended medicine. Dentist and optician services in Turkey are perfect and the prices are much more reasonable than in many European countries. This is the reason of growing health tourism in Alanya, Turkey. You can go to a pharmacy and buy any medicine you want without a doctor’s prescription.

What is the Nightlife Like in Alanya?

You should not miss out on Alanya’s nightlife while you’re here! During the summer, the city turns into a party zone every night – Monday through Sunday!

There’s something for everyone here, from ancient pubs to multi-story nightclubs. Alanya caters to all tastes. Looking for a fun location to go but not sure where to start? We’ll give you our top picks. Many of the city’s nightclubs are near the port. It’s also called “Bar Street” or “Bar District.” As the clubs are so close together, you may undertake a club tour that night. There are also nightclubs and discos in the region. Your night out doesn’t have to be all about dancing; it may also be about eating. You can get meals and souvenirs late at night in the market.

Alanya’s nightlife is diverse, including multi-story mega clubs, a Cuban-themed club, and a bustling café and bar. Rather than going to a club, you may take a sunset cruise and watch the night come alive. It’s easy to club in Alanya. Entrance is normally free, however, you should purchase beverages at the bar. The more crowded the bar, the more pricey the drinks. Ordering beverages manufactured locally saves money and teaches you something new. Most nightclubs open early in the evening, although the greatest activities start between midnight and 3 a.m. However, some clubs on the outskirts stay up until 5 a.m.

Alanya’s nightclubs are generally safe, with security guards and metal detectors at the doors. Most buses stop running after midnight or 1 a.m., so you’ll need to take a taxi to the hotel. If you are in a group and the hotel is nearby, you may easily walk back.

Here are some of the greatest clubs and pubs in Alanya to end your holiday:

  • Patio d’été (Konakli, Alanya, Antalya).
  • Sherwood, Havana(Carsi, Alanya, Antalya).
  • Doors(Cars, Alanya, Antalya).
  • Wheeler and Horse Bar among the popular places in Alanya nightlife.
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