Turkish Real Estate Exchange opens to the world

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Turkish Real Estate Exchange opens to the world

A cooperation protocol was signed between Turkish Real Estate Exchange and the Iraqi Banks Association, to achieve international cooperation and commercial partnership.

According to a statement made by Real Estate Exchange, exchange representatives and the Independent Industrialists’

and Businessmen’s Association (MÜSİAD) held various contacts at the 23rd International Business Forum this year in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

And according to the news in Anadolu Agency, within the framework of contacts where the Turkish Real Estate Exchange goals were discussed in the international business world,

the President of the Iraqi Banks Association, Wadih Al-Hindal, met with the Director-General of the Real Estate Exchange, Kurtuluş Altun.

And they signed a cooperation protocol to develop and start the process of digitizing the Iraqi real estate market.

Turkish Real Estate Exchange representatives, seeking to accelerate foreign exchange income by increasing property sales to foreigners, also met with Bosnia Bank International representative.

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The company has expanded its contacts to establish a real estate exchange system in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which provides decision support services in a trusted environment by providing information to investors in a fast, transparent and reliable manner through Asset Management screens.

Bosna Bank International representatives were invited to Istanbul to deepen cooperation between the two countries.

The bank’s representatives expressed their appreciation for the platform that provided the opportunity to receive information by managing all properties on a single screen.

Invitation to the Turkish Stock Exchange from many countries

According to the information given in the statement, invitations come to begin the process of digitization of the real estate market in neighboring countries after the extensive work in Turkey.

During the forum, representatives of many countries invited the Turkish Stock Exchange to their countries.

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