Using Electronic Transactions in Construction Sector Begins

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Using Electronic Transactions in Construction Sector Begins

Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Murad Korum made important statements in his speech during the International Construction Workshop program.

Within the scope of the International Construction Workshop held in Antalya, Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment and Urbanization made important statements about illegal buildings.

In his statement, the Minister emphasized once again that, they are determined to stop further illegal construction and said, “we will start to apply electronic transaction number to ensure transparency.”

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Zoning Plan will be announced using digital technology

“We will give an electronic transaction number and after that, we will see all the zoning plans under one roof.

We want to exhibit a transparent management approach,” Minister Murad Korum said in a statement.

On this issue, the minister announced the new project.

Minister Murad Korum said, “We want to demonstrate a fair management approach in this topic, and want to do the process that will make zoning plans fair and digital.

Illegal construction is a problem in all countries.

After the law goes into effect, it will write in the title deed for buildings, that are built without a license, that this real estate cannot be sold or rented.”

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There will not be illegal building in villages and highlands

Minister Murad also made a statement about illegal construction in villages, which has been subject to frequent news recently.

“To stop further illegal buildings in our villages and highlands, the buildings to be built will be licensed by the province.

No fee will be collected from citizens wishing to construct buildings in villages.

However, construction of buildings complying with licenses and laws will be allowed after the approval of the governorate to ensure the safety of life and property,” he said.

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