The highest dam in Turkey and the third in the world

The highest dam in Turkey and the third in the world

Yusufli Dam in turkey and Hydroelectric Power Plant (HEPP) are being constructed in Yusufli district of Artvin on the Çoruh River, reached a height of 139 meters.

The construction of the Yusufli Dam, which began last year, is continuing.

The dam, which has a total body volume of 4 million cubic meters, is planned to be completed in 2 years according to the schedule.

When the dam completed, it will be Turkey’s highest double curvature concrete dam with a height of 275 meters and the third-highest dam in the world.

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One million and 840 thousand cubic meters of concrete were poured into the dam body

The amount of concrete poured in the dam reached 1 million and 840 thousand cubic meters as of October 16.

Upon completion of the project, the Yusufli Dam and hydroelectric power plant will have a capacity of 558 MW and an annual production capacity of 888 million kWh.

Construction of the power plant on the project continues as planned, while the mechanical and electrical parts of the power plant are installed according to the construction process.

The Yusufli Dam height will reach 275 meters, equivalent to a height of 100 floors.

amount of concrete to be used in the body of the dam, which is 4 million cubic meters, is enough to build a concrete road from Artvin to Edirna with a width of 13 meters.

The energy needs of 600 thousand people will be met, thanks to the energy will be produced by the project.

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