The arrival of the Volkswagen Manisa factory, real estate prices will double

The arrival of the Volkswagen Manisa factory, real estate prices will double

The establishment of the Volkswagen plant in the region will provide employment opportunities and at the same time will affect real estate prices.

where will the Volkswagen factory be established?

Volkswagen, one of the biggest Germany companies, has chosen Turkey for investment.

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Volkswagen factory raises property prices in Manisa

Specialists stated that as news of the construction of a new factory in Manisa arrives, property prices start rising.

They said that even before laying the foundation stone of the factory, the prices of housing and land in that region had risen and according to first analyzes, 5 thousand people would be employed in the region.

According to specialists, the average real estate price in the region is currently 244 thousand and 250 TL and when the factory construction will start the prices are going to increase.

According to data announced by some Turkish websites, the average area of ​​real estate in Manisa is 125 square meters, and the price per square meter is between 1221 and 2658 TL.

While the average real estate price is 224 thousand and 250 TL, the payback period is 19 years.

House prices will rise in the next 6 months

According to the data announced, real estate prices in Manisa decreased by 0.61% in the last six months and the prices will increase by 1.57% in the next six months. Soma, Turgutlu, Kırkağaç, Şehzadeler, and Akhisar were the districts where the houses gained the most value in Manisa.

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