Micro housing can solve the need for housing

Micro housing can solve the need for housing

Experts said that small, economically and technically equipped housing could be a solution to housing problems resulting from population growth.

Head of the Interior Architecture Department at Haliç University, Prof. Dr. Füsun Seçer Kariptaş said, “Housing is a building that meets the housing needs of people and provides them with a healthy and safe living environment.”

Kariptaş stated that the rapidly changing economic and technological developments affect housing, and different living conditions also affect living spaces.

Therefore, small-scale housing designs are gradually increasing.

“The population growth in Turkey and the world, is leading people to designs that enable space management and better consumption of economic resources and energy,” Kariptaş said, “This leads to the emergence of smaller houses and flexible solutions.

Micro houses that can be designed for the future provide solutions to the housing problem by building more houses but maintaining a standard of living.”

The importance of interior design in micro housings

Kariptaş stressed that small houses must be carefully designed without negatively affect the living conditions of users, and it is very important to make the interior design of these houses wisely.

Kariptaş stated that Japanese culture has kept with this development has begun to produce small sizes, and the concept of compact furniture is found in places such as Nagakin houses and capsule houses in the water pipes in Hong Kong.

“It is inevitable to turn to micro houses or capsule houses to meet population needs with the development of emerging technology, changing requirements, and world population growth.” He said.

Kariptaş said that the idea of ​​micro-housing design had recently arrived in Turkey.

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The Microhouse contributes to the proliferation of green spaces

Kariptaş said, “This concept, which has emerged with different names at different times, such as ‘studio flat’, may be applied in the form of micro houses for emergency situations as well.

That is, it may be suitable for more specific situations rather than traditional use.

Seasonal workers can live in Micro houses established close to the land where they work during the working season.

For students studying outside the city, Micro houses with smart interior designs can be proposed as a solution.

It is thought that with the increase in the usage areas of these houses, it will contribute to the increase of green areas.”

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