Legal rights of neighbors in buildings

Legal rights of neighbors in buildings

As the number of apartments increases, the noise complaints of the neighbors increase, especially in non-acoustic buildings.

So what are your legal rights in this matter, where can you complain?

One of the biggest problems among neighbors is noise complaints. The noise can make buildings uninhabitable.

According to Ownership Law, neighbors have an obligation not to disturb each other mutually.

It is forbidden to listen to loud music, watch television and talk over the phone. Apart from these, there can be noises in a different way.

The shortest way to confront the noisy neighbors is to complain to the police, which in turn imposes administrative fines. If the neighbor is right to complain, the fine is 1450 TL.

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Actions that can be taken against the noisy neighbor

Nobody has the right to bother anyone and according to the neighborhood law and legal rights, residents of the building have the right to contact the police and tell them about the noisy neighbor. In this case, the police team fines the noisy neighbor.

In general, the first complaint should be to the police.

In case the noise continues, the landlord has the right to file a case in the Magistrate’s Court.

The expert appointed by the judge has the authority to decide the remedies including the evacuation of the house due to the noise complaint after the examination.

In spite of all these, if the noise complaint continues, the other floor owners can use the right to buy the apartment of the neighbor making noise according to the Ownership Act.

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