Latest situation in Taksim Mosque

مسجد تقسيم

Latest situation in Taksim Mosque

While Taksim Mosque foundation stone was laid on February 17, 2017, its 35% precision workmanship has completed.

Taksim Mosque, which has a construction area of 2,482 square meters and bore the signature of architects Şefik Birkiye and Selim Dalaman, continues to be built.

The rough construction of the mosque was finished and the coating process of the small domes was completed after the main domes. The domes were coated with titanium zinc.

The work in the car park, exhibition area and conference hall on the low floors of the mosque was completed.

Marble cladding and steelwork are continuing intensively. The facade of the mosque is half completed.

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On the other hand, a scaffold was established to carry out the stone cladding of the 2 mosque’s minarets, which are 61 meters high. Steel structures are being prepared to complete the porches.

35% of the fine workmanship is finished in the mosque, where work is continuing rapidly.

When the mosque opens, more than 2,000 people will be able to pray at the same time.

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