Istanbul Airport was a source of inspiration

istanbul airport

Istanbul Airport was a source of inspiration

Istanbul Airport was a source of inspiration

Polish Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Mr. Wild, said that Istanbul Airport inspired him.

Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Mr.Mikolaj Wild, will establish a new Airport in Warsaw, will be built in the southwest direction, and expected to have a capacity of 45 million passengers per year, said that the airport will be made using the latest technology.

Pointing out that Turkish Airlines is active in Eastern Europe, Wild stated that they are in contact with THY and another Turkish company providing ground handling services for the Central Airport, which will be one of the largest airports in Europe.

Stating that Poland is the fastest growing country after China last year in air transport, wild said that this airport will be “the gateway from the East to the European Union (EU)”, and continued: “We want to benefit from this by increasing the capacity. We also cooperate with other airports in the world. One of them is Istanbul Airport. “he said.


“It will be interesting for us to know how this has been achieved.

The financial structure of Istanbul Airport is very inspiring to us.

We are also collaborating with the companies involved in the project in Istanbul.

Some companies show the Istanbul Airport project as their best project.

We are also looking at the negative aspects of the airport.

Istanbul Airport will be the largest measurement  for us. “

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“The reason for this is that the two countries are located in different geographical areas and our goal is to be the passenger’s base in the EU,” said Deputy Polish Infrastructure Minister Wild

who said they did not agree with the analysis that the Polish Central Airport would be competing with Istanbul Airport.

Wild also called for partnership with Turkish companies for the country’s 90 billion-euro logistics investments.

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