Istanbul Airport, The Best Airport for 2019

Istanbul airport, مطار اسطنبول

Istanbul Airport, The Best Airport for 2019

Istanbul Airport was selected as ‘Airport of the Year’ in the Reader’s Choice 2019 competition organized by International Airport Review magazine.

According to the IGA statement, Istanbul Airport has won Readers’ Choice Award 2019 determined by readers’ votes of the International Airport Review Magazine, one of the most prestigious magazines of the aviation industry in the world.

The award-winning Istanbul airport has proved to be the main carrier of the Turkish aviation industry and has passed international airports such as Heathrow, Changi, Copenhagen, Vancouver, Sydney, and Hong Kong.

Istanbul Airport Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO Kadri Samsonlu explained that Istanbul Airport has overcome many challenges in a short time and outperformed many international airports.

Kadri Samsonlu said, “We are delighted to bring an international award to our country.

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We have made significant progress towards our goal of showing Istanbul Airport (ISL) as an example to the whole world with its unique architecture, powerful infrastructure, superior technology, and attracting the attention of travelers around the world.

Airport of the Year Award, which we have won leaving behind many important airports, is an indication of how well we do our work at Istanbul Airport.

We want to bring many more international awards to our country by realizing our goals one by one with the awareness of the great responsibility imposed on us to be an example for the world and a source of pride for our country.”

The bi-monthly UK-based International Airport Review Magazine is a leading source of information for the aviation industry, and it illustrates passenger experience, weather operations, airport terminal operations, security, information technology, ATC/ATM, and airport development, construction, and design.

With 300,000 readers worldwide, the magazine offers news, articles, interviews, and case studies from leading airlines and airports around the world.

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