In 2023, 75 million tourists will come to Turkey

السياحة في تركيا

In 2023, 75 million tourists will come to Turkey

Turkey believes that the number of tourists without difficulty will reach 75 million in 2023.

In this way, 65 billion dollars of income can be obtained.

Representatives of the tourism sector emphasized that Turkey’s goal is to receive 75 million tourists in 2023. The President of the Turkish Hotels Union (TUROFED) Osman Ayık stated that the “Turkey Tourism Strategy 2023” describing Turkey’s goal in the tourism sector was announced by the Minister of Tourism and Culture Mehmet Nuri Ersoy during the meeting at the Dolmabahce Labor Office.

Ayik indicating that Turkey’s target of 75 million tourists in 2023 is a very realistic. “75 million tourists are easily accessible under normal conditions. If some arrangements are made, it is even possible to go above this target in tourism,” Ayik said, “The arrangements to be followed will not only increase the number of tourists but also the amount of tourist spending.”

The possibility of overcoming the current account deficit

Aik emphasized that tourism is a strong sector and said, “We can reach our goal by converting our potential into services and by increasing the reasons for tourists to come to Turkey. The current account deficit can be closed and there can even be a surplus.”

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President of the Association of Mediterranean Hotels and Operators Association (AKTOB) Erkan Yağcı announced that attracting 75 million tourists in 2023 is a very realistic and achievable goal for Turkey. “We can achieve this goal through continuous activities in the field of tourism promotion within our strategy,” Yağcı said.

New agreement with two operators

President of Professional Hotel Managers Association (POYD) Ülkay Atmaca said, “Thomas Cook had some confusion about the bankruptcy, but the British market continues to increase and two tour operators and an airline company has reached the stage of signing a contract.”

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