Express train projects will increase the importance of Turkey

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Express train projects will increase the importance of Turkey

The Inter City Express is one of the major transport projects that will complete in 2020.

The Presidential Annual Program for 2020, published in the Official Gazette, focused on transport projects.

The Intercity Express Train project is one of the most important projects that will increase the importance of Turkey.

New trips will be organized between major cities

According to the announced program, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure will do new procedures to increase the efficiency of high-speed train trips.

In accordance with these procedures, the ministry will organize new journeys between major cities.

With the opening of the new projects, the total length of the express train will increase from 213 km to 2 thousand 269 km.

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Ankara Sivas High-Speed ​​Train will finish soon

The Ankara-Sivas Express train project will be opened in 2020. The existing railway lines will be renewed, and their infrastructure will be improved.

By opening this project, it will provide an alternative transportation solution and boost trade in the region.

In addition to Turkey’s geopolitical position, railway and highway projects increase Turkey’s share of cargo transport and increase its role in the region.

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