Ankara Palace Hotel will turn into Presidential Museum

فندق أنقرة بالاس, Palas Ankara

Ankara Palace Hotel will turn into Presidential Museum

The new decision was made for Ankara Palas Hotel which was used as a State Guest House by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The hotel was transferred to the Presidency last year and will be converted into a museum according to the new decision.

Ankara Palace Hotel is one of the most important values in Ankara’s history.

The fate of Ankara Palas Hotel, which was transferred from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Presidency, was announced.

Ankara Palas Hotel Becomes a Museum

Presidential Administration of National Palaces has issued a decision to turn the Palace Hotel into a museum.

Despite all the discussions last year, the decision to reopen the hotel did not take place, but the area around the hotel was closed with barriers and restoration work began.

According to reports prepared by the Court of Accounts, the Ankara Palace Hotel was damaged at an unsustainable rate and thus began the restoration to turn it into a museum.

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Historical importance of Ankara Palace Hotel

Ankara Palace Hotel has hosted many high-ranking diplomats and foreign statesmen who came to visit Ankara.

The decision to turn the hotel into a museum has made people sad because of its historical value as it was an indispensable place for concerts held during the Atatürk period.

The hotel began operation in 1927 and was used as a historic hotel to host the heads of foreign countries and their delegations and in 1983

it was attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was granted the status of State Guest House.

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