Airbridge between Istanbul airport and London airport

مطار اسطنبول, istanbul Airport

Airbridge between Istanbul airport and London airport

An air bridge was established between Istanbul Airport and London and it carried 612 thousand passengers in 5 months.

The number of passengers traveling between Istanbul and the capital of England, London has reached remarkable figures.

After the relocation operation from Ataturk Airport to the new Istanbul Airport, which took place on April 6, 612 thousand people traveled between London and Istanbul in five months (from April to September).

Besides, the number of transit passengers has increased significantly, especially for flights from Iran, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia to London via Istanbul.

By completion all stages of Istanbul Airport, an air bridge will be established between Istanbul and London with a capacity of 200 million passengers.

While the number of Istanbul Airport’s passengers is increasing rapidly, Turkish Airlines transported 18 million 239 thousand transit passengers in the nine months of this year.

With an area of ​​76.5 million square meters, Istanbul Airport currently operates flights to a total of 309 destinations worldwide.

However, the number of passengers between London and Istanbul airport has reached a significant number.

The number of passengers transported between Istanbul and London’s Heathrow was the largest compared to other destinations, as 380 thousand passengers were transported between Istanbul and Heathrow in 5 months.

The of Istanbul Airport importance for transit passengers

Over the past five months, the number of travelers from countries such as Iran, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia to London via Istanbul has increased.

While Turkish Airlines has 5 flights a day from Istanbul to Heathrow, with flights to Gatwick Airport, there are 7 flights a day from Istanbul to London.

Turkish Airlines also benefited from the stopover service as this service provides free accommodation for transit passengers who have a waiting time of more than 20 hours.

While a total of 70 airlines currently operate scheduled flights at Istanbul Airport, the airport will serve more than 100 airlines when all phases are completed.

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