Things to know about Traditional Mardin stone houses

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Things to know about Traditional Mardin stone houses

Mardin stone houses draw the attention of local and foreign tourists with their magnificent construction and historical texture.

So, what are the characteristics of these houses?

When you mention Mardin city, the first thing that comes to mind is the Mardin Stone House, which is a masterpiece in architecture and an important cultural symbol.

These houses were declared a protected area in 1979.

Yellow limestone is the main building material for these historic houses.

Except for mandatory uses such as doors, windows, and entresol, the wood was not used in these houses.

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Mardin stone houses are built with high ceilings that protect against the cold in winter and the heat of summer.

They also protect against harsh climates with their 4-meter-long walls.

Each of the historic houses of Mardin has a terrace overlooking the terrace of the other houses, enabling socialization.

It consists of two main sections called “harem” and “selamlık”. They are designed in L or U shape, in which the rooms of the houses are open to the common courtyard or terrace.

The region dates back to 4500 BC. Within the scope of the Sustainable Tourism project, the construction of exterior facades of different workplaces in the city continues to be identical to each other.

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