The Turkish Construction Industry Revived in 2019

The Turkish Construction Industry Revived in 2019

Turkey Ready Mixed Concrete Association (TRMCA) announced the data for the Ready-Mixed Concrete Index for September 2019.

Turkish Construction The sector is rebounding compared to September 2018.

According to the information in the Turkey Ready Mixed Concrete Association (TRMCA) report, despite the recovery of the construction sector, there is a trust problem in the sector.

Given the gap between the Activity and Confidence Index, it is too early to say that there has been a continuous improvement in the construction sector.

But the improvement in the index increases expectations for the upcoming period but remains below the threshold value.

According to the September 2019 Report of the Ready-Mixed Concrete Index, all indices increased compared to the same period of the previous year.

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Based on this increase, it can be said that there was a revival according to the September 2018 report.

In order to achieve 5% growth and employment targets, the activity in the construction sector should continue increasingly.

The Chairman of the European Ready-Mixed Concrete Association (ERMCO) Yavuz Işık evaluated the Ready-Mixed Concrete Index Report for September 2019.

“All indices increased compared to the same period of the previous year.

Construction activities were revived for the first time in 16 months.

Although the movement seems to have started in the sector, the trust problem of the players in the construction sector continues,” Işık said.

Construction sector is very important for Turkey’s economy

Işık commented on the construction sector data and said, “According to official figures, the share of the construction sector in the Turkish economy, which has been decreasing for a year, has decreased to 3%. When the data of the last 20 years are analyzed, the construction sector in the second quarter of this year has overcome its worst period after the crisis of 2001 and 2009.

The situation of the construction not only adversely affects itself but the entire economy.

According to the latest figures, the capacity utilization of manufacturing industry sectors, which provide input to construction, is 7% below the manufacturing industry average as of August.

In other words, with reduced construction, manufacturing is also difficult. There is a 25% loss of employment in the construction sector.

All these figures indicate that construction activity needs to continue to increase in order to achieve the growth target set in the New Economy Plan and to meet the employment targets.”

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