The Geminbeli Tunnel will connect the Black Sea to Mediterranean


The Geminbeli Tunnel will connect the Black Sea to Mediterranean

The Geminbeli Tunnel, which is 8 thousand 600 meters long, is expected to be completed in 2021.

Work on the Geminbeli Tunnel, one of the most important projects recently, is under construction in 2010 region and will be 8,600 meters long.

By completion of this tunnel, it will connect the Black Sea region to the Mediterranean Sea via Sivas city and will create significant advantages in this area.

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Geminbeli tunnel will enter service in 2021

The governor of Sivas city, Salih Ayhan, visited tunnel construction site and get information from the 16th district director, Adlan Aslan, and technical staff about the work stages and the latest developments related to the Geminbeli Tunnel, which is still under construction.

The Governor Salih Ayhan also made statements about the project and said:

“We can see the advanced stages have our economy reached and the quality of services provided by our country.

The Geminbeli tunnel length is 8,600 meters, and it costs one billion TL. We strive to put this tunnel into service as soon as possible.

Sivas is one of the most fortunate Turkish provinces in terms of highway investments.

This tunnel is a too large project which connects northern Turkey with its south.

It is also very important to connect the Mediterranean with the Black Sea coasts.”

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