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The Best Real Estate Websites of 2022

The Best Real Estate Websites of 2022

The concept of real estate defines land, plots, and structures located on them. Since housing is one of the most basic needs of people, the real estate sector is one of the sectors that is growing every year. The rise in the real estate market in countries where the population is increasing every year has made the real estate sector an investment tool over time. As investments and services to any region increase, the demand for real estate in and around many regions increases. As the demand for real estate increases, its price rises. Moreover, the real estate sector is one of the most reliable and least risky investment tools, as it is one of the sectors least affected by negative external factors. There is a small risk factor however if the investment is made carefully and knowledgeable, it can provide the investor with very serious profits. Since the sector is a very popular investment means many brokerage companies, that is, Real Estate Investment Trusts, are traded on the markets today. There are countless real estate agencies around the world. These websites are very important for the market and for people who want to invest in this sector. Websites of this type help to find suitable homes for investors and clients by categorizing them according to the types of real estate, their characteristics, region, and prices. In this way, people can real estate for their needs and goals. People can examine the projects of large companies that are still under construction. Such Internet sites can sometimes have their specialized staff. These websites offer their users confidence. Expert staff conducts the necessary research and highlights ads that are worth investing in. In addition, when investors want to consult with a specialist, websites also provide this service to their users. On real estate sites, pictures, information, prices, internal and external characteristics of postings are indicated in detail. The location of the house and its surroundings are mentioned. In this way, people can research their investment preferences even when they are away. This information also gives preliminary information and insight to people who do not know about the market. Customers can compare houses with the same property and become homeowners or invest by evaluating the most suitable prices. Advanced real estate websites offer different language options for their users. Thanks to this feature, people abroad can get acquainted with different countries, markets, and locations. Sites are also an important means of communication between the realtor and clients. The best real estate websites of 2022 are listed and described below.

1. Realty Group

Realty Group Turkey is one of the leading real estate market websites. Realty Group has been dominating the sector in Turkey since 2009. Realty Group has experts who specialize in the real estate market within its structure. Not only classifieds are posted on the website, but also consulting services are provided. The website provides great convenience for foreign investors. Ads on the site can be viewed and researched with different language options. In addition, there is an opportunity to consult in the desired language. Realty Group provides all kinds of information and support to people who want to invest in real estate in Turkey and thus want to obtain the right to Turkish citizenship. The site is quite good in terms of customer satisfaction and feedback. So much so that thanks to customer testimonials, the customer portfolio expands every year. English Arabic Persian and Russian language support are available on the website. The site offers an online sales service. The company has provided online sales services to hundreds of customers with its excellent advisory services. You can contact a consultant via WhatsApp with online consulting services. Realty Group also provides presentations and field visits services. The company supports its customers at all stages in Turkey. This service starts and continues by meeting you at the airport. Real estate investment management provides information-filled advice at times of difficulty for investors. With Property After Sales Services, support is provided when the investor needs help adapting to life in Turkey. Legal services help the client, especially in official transactions. With this service, support is provided for both real estate and office work. On the blog side of the website, you can find articles on regions, cities, social life, official processes, and much more.


Zillow company is an American online real estate market company founded in 2006 by a group of technology workers. Zillow contains data on millions of homes located in the United States. The company originally earns its income from real estate ads that it publishes on its website. One of the services of the site is a rental payment method. When a house is rented from the ads posted on the site, the rental fee can again be paid through the site for a small fee. The company provides various features such as estimated values of houses, changes in the value of the house, aerial views of houses, and prices of similar-sized houses in the area. It also provides real images and basic information about the house, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Users can also get new average estimates of houses by taking into account important changes such as renovated sections of houses. Zillow has a service called Zillow Advice. Where people can ask questions and get answers to experts on the site online. The Zillow company is an innovative company. The company started to place house purchase and sale ads in 2006 and to provide rental houses in 2009. In the following period, the company became stronger through acquisitions in the sector. According to company data, tens of millions of people visit the site every year. The Zillow company has a mobile application. The application is available in all media such as the App Store, Google Play Store, Windows market.

3. company is one of the leading online real estate sites in the United States. The company provides services in the field of real estate marketing and media. It contains data on millions of homes located in the United States. The services are provided by the website. For example real estate search provides an examination of the properties, price, type, and location of real estate. This is its main service. In addition, most of the real estate companies are using databases that belong to The site contains not only houses for sale but also houses for rent in its database. In addition, there is also a consultation on which provides services as well their consultants are real estate agents. The site cooperates with many real estate agents. You can get information by contacting the consultant who is close to your location. also has an application in mobile grocery stores. You can review the ads by downloading the application. Millions of people visit the site every year both for information and to rent or buy a house.

4. HomeFinder

The HomeFinder site is the leading online real estate site in the United States. If you need to look at the services offered by the company; it provides services on rental houses, houses for sale, those who want to rent their house, and foreclosures. It is one of the leading sites in the site area. It has a huge client portfolio. Corporate companies cooperate with this site. Specialized real estate consultants provide categorization services and advertising services for homeowners and other people. The site provides services only through the website.

5. site is an internet site that categorizes rental homes in the United States. People who want to rent their house and people who want to rent a house can benefit from the site. The site’s database contains data on a million houses. The site provides services, not for all types of real estate, but houses. The site categorizes houses according to their region and characteristics. In addition, there are plenty of articles on the site about the issues that realtors should know about. There are mobile applications that belong to the site in the App Store and Google Play Store.

6.  Homes for Heroes

The Homes of Heroes website describes its mission statement as to provide extraordinary savings to heroes who provide extraordinary services to their nation and its communities every day. The company was established in the United States to support risky professional groups in an economic sense. The company supports these professional groups by donating the fee it earns to a foundation. founded in 2002, the company expanded and expanded in 2008. The foundation and the company have saved millions of dollars. In addition, the foundation has given millions of dollars from its earnings as support. The size of the savings volume has reached $ 100 million. The company provides services through its blogging side. On the blog side, there are articles on frequently asked questions in the field of real estate.


MLS (Multiple Listing Service Listings) is in service in the United States. MLS provides services such as ing homes for sale, new homes and resale homes, new construction, acreage, lots, land, commercial properties, and investment properties. The site does not have a mobile application. in his words, people can not only find a house but also find a realtor. site serves only as an internet site.

8.  NeighborhoodScout

NeighborhoodScout is a website and online database of United States neighborhood analyses, founded in 2002. Users write properties to the site search section based on their needs, and the site matches neighborhoods that are suitable for these people. The site is a source of crime data, school ratings, home assessments, demographic information throughout the country. This website, like other sites, is available in the United States. NeighborhoodScout derives its revenue from customer subscriptions and advertising. They also refer clients to realtors and provide commission earnings on a house. The website is a well-known site in the media and has been the subject of many news stories in its field. Thanks to the blog posts on the site, it informs people about many topics with articles. The Neighborhood Scout website serves only as an internet site.

9.  PropertyRecord is a site that provides services on buying and selling homes in the United States. The site says that it reveals not only the advantages of houses but also their disadvantages. The site has a 24/7 live chat line. site serves only as an internet site.

10.  Trulia

The Trulia site is a real estate site serving the United States. Trulia works as a partner with the Zillow company. The site has a database with crime data, school ratings, home assessments, demographic information throughout the country. It makes it easier for renters to find homes and neighborhoods that suit them in the United States. The site provides a service called Trulia neighborhoods. Thanks to this service, original photos, drone footage, reviews from residents are presented. Trulia also has an application in mobile grocery stores. You can review the ads by downloading the application.

11.  Redfin

Redfin is a digital real estate website. The main source of income. The company is currently traded on the markets. The Redfin site is available only in the United States. That is, Redfin works as an intermediary, and users earn money when they buy or sell houses with their realtor. There are many articles about the real estate sector on the blog side of the site. Redfin also has an application in mobile grocery stores. You can review the ads by downloading the application.

12.  Sherrie Couture

Couture Real Estate Solutions was founded by Sherrie Couture. The site suggests that it provides its users with the most professional, informative, reliable services. The company usually advertises with customer satisfaction and feedback. Ads are categorized on the site. In addition, the website provides information to people with many different criteria.

13.  Barry Estates

Barry Estates is a company that sells real estate suitable for luxury living standards. San Diego is one of the leading institutions in the luxury real estate market. The company works by appointment. The company is one of the most luxurious service providers in its field. It has made billions of dollars in sales to date. The company is very popular in the media. It has been featured in many famous magazines and newspapers in many news stories.

14.  Ultra Property

Ultra Property is a company that provides services in the real estate sector in Turkey. Each employee of the company is a person who dominates the Turkish real estate market and has experience in this market. The company has access to all active real estate databases in Turkey. The company, which has a wide product portfolio, claims that it can find options that will meet all the needs of its customers. The company provides services not only in the home market. In addition, ıt provides services for all of the real estate markets, such as apartments, villas, houses, hotels, lands. Ultra Property, also offers to support its foreign customers in official and social issues in Turkey. In particular, the company Ultra Property does not leave its customers alone in the legal procedures for obtaining a residence permit and the right to Turkish citizenship. In addition, when the services provided by the company are examined, it provides online consulting, presentations and field visits, and real estate management services.

15.  Sky Turk Property

Sky Turk Property is a company that provides professional consulting services in the real estate sector in Turkey. The Company with its expert real estate consultants helps foreign citizens to buy real estate from Turkey, and in this way to obtain the right to citizenship of the Republic of Turkey. The company explains its mission as providing its customers with an exceptional level of service, excellence, and a high level of expertise in the real estate market. Sky Turk Property defines its vision as customer satisfaction. The company provides services by taking care of the needs of its customers individually. When the company’s services are examined; it provides online consulting services, presentations and field visits, and real estate management services.

16.  Intro Property

Intro Property is a company providing services in the real estate sector in Turkey. Intro Property provides services in general related to houses, villas, and commercial properties. The company supports foreign citizens in all kinds of social support and official processes in Turkey by keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront. The company has been providing services to its customers with the best experience gained in the real estate sector for 15 years. When the company’s services are examined, it provides services on after-sales transactions and real estate management service, interior design service, and Turkish citizenship procedures. The company also provides answers to important questions on its website. If you provide your information to the company’s website, they will return it to you online later.

How Reliable are Online Real Estate Sites?

Online real estate sites, in general, offer their users databases and provide consulting services. They do not charge customers too much money. That’s why they get paid for their service. And these sites, in general, are sites that have received approval not only from customers but also from specialized real estate consultants. Sites give people confidence by clearly stating the advantages and disadvantages of real estate.

How do I Check if a Real Estate Company is Legitimate?

The most important way is to ask for Real Estate License from your agent. These controls can usually be confirmed by the chambers of commerce of the countries and sometimes through the ministries of finance. The reliability of the company can be questioned by checking the address. In addition, the assurances given on the website should also be examined. You should visit the property in person.

How do Real Estate Websites Get Data?

Real estate websites expand their databases thanks to the information they receive from their customers and expert real estate consultants with whom they cooperate. It should be emphasized that Internet sites conduct their research and make their services affordable. In addition, real estate websites expand their information by using each other’s databases

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