Houses For Sale Prices in Muğla’s

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Houses For Sale Prices in Muğla’s

Mugla is a fascinating city that is located southwest part of Turkey. Many people want to visit Mugla in order to spend a nice time. Trading and taking advantage of natural beauties are effective on people decisions to move there.

Mugla has new brand houses and new project ideas and plans to build a charming building. Many people have a desire to getting a housing. In order to have a good deal and choose the right one, people needs professional assistance. Realty Group has advance technology and experience for both real estate and architectural activities.

On account of right decision, people have housing and offices with reasonable prices. Realty Group can handle all problems which you may face. 3D pictures and views of constructions, prices of sale housing and for renting, refund plans and organizations of all details, delivery dates are all shown by facilities of Realty Group.

About Mugla City

Mugla city has 12 different districts which is also interior Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris districts. Mugla is located between Aegean and Mediterranean zones. Mugla city also has 396 villages. Most part of the Mugla city is situated in Aegean Zone.

  • Transportation of Mugla

Despite the charming of the Mugla, The city has low population rate. Therefore people can easily reach any point of the city. Developed bus network is supported by minibuses and taxies. Mugla city has developed and modern highways that connects tourism destinations and big cities to each other. You can easily reach places that is located in center of Mugla city. Also new settlement areas that are Yeniköy, Toki, OSB, Menteşe, is required vehicles to get there.

Mugla city has two different airports that is named Milas-Bodrum and Dalaman airports. Many people uses that facilities especially during summer times.

  • Region Report for Mugla

House and new building prices are decreased in Mugla with the rate of %0.36 last one month. Average prices for each square meter is 1.952 TL and depreciation time is calculated as 21 years.

Hereby an apartment that was purchased in Mugla average prices will be between 221.391 TL and 396.000 TL.

  • Most Valued Houses in Mugla Districts

Ortaca, Marmaris, Dalaman, Fethiye, Köyceğiz districts are most valued areas according to in last one year record.

  • Most Lost Valued Houses in Mugla Districts

Seydikemer, Kavaklıdere, Yatağan, Ula, Datça districts are most lost valued areas according to in last one year record.

  • Earnings Too Fast in Mugla with Houses

The fastest earning with capacity of depreciation in Trabzon are Seydikemer, Köyceğiz, Yatağan, Milas, Datça districts in turn.

  • Earnings Too Slow in Mugla with Houses

Ula The slowest earning with capacity of depreciation in Trabzon are Kavaklıdere, Marmaris, Menteşe, Dalaman districts in turn.

Housing For Sale Prices in Mugla’s Districts

Districts December 2018 Annual Average Depreciation Change
Bodrum 6.702 ₺/sq 6.235 ₺/ sq 27 Years % 23,58
Dalaman 1.925 ₺/sq 1.795 ₺/ sq 23 Years % 27,06
Datça 4.385 ₺/ sq 4.267 ₺/ sq 29 Years % 11,15
Fethiye 3.247 ₺/ sq 2.827 ₺/ sq 29 Years % 25,51
Kavaklıdere 1.409 ₺/ sq Years % 00.00
Marmaris 4.197 ₺/ sq 3.840 ₺/ sq 22 Years % 28,04
Milas 2.781 ₺/ sq 2.706 ₺/ sq 31 Years % 20,97
Ortaca 2.270 ₺/ sq 1.857 ₺/ sq 28 Years % 42,59
Seydikemer 2.359 ₺/ sq 45 Years % 00.00
Ula 3.332 ₺/ sq 2.940 ₺/ sq 25 Years % 00.00
Yatağan 1.981 ₺/ sq 2.114 ₺/ sq 33 Years % 00.00

About Muğla

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