Young people prefer to rent small real estate

Young people prefer to rent small real estate

According to the results of some real estate agents’ study, people prefer small real estate near their work.

Accordingly, with the decrease in the number of households, the tendency towards small real estate increases, while the central, quiet and social areas are preferred.

Demand increased for small real estate

Families are not as crowded anymore. The number of households decreased. This has increased the demand for Real Estate 1+1 rather than 3+1 real estate.

Rising housing prices and reduced purchasing power contributed to this increase

On the other hand, young people prefer small properties because they like to spend most of their time outside..

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Young people prefer renting houses over buying

Younger generation, some venture capitalists, and investors choose to rent houses to live in better neighborhoods and better conditions.

Young generation choose regions such as Kadıköy, Beşiktaş, Şişli and Beyoğlu in the city center where the sale price per square meter is 10 thousand TL and above.

The likelihood of people buying or renting Property varies from region to region.

While people prefer to rent real estates in areas such as Kadıköy and Beşiktaş where the value of the property is high, sales are more intense in regions such as Eyüp, Gaziosmanpaşa, Bağcılar, Esenyurt, and  Beylikdüzü where the property values are low.

Besides, due to the discount made by banks in mortgage loans, the sale attracts attention.

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The search for real estate using internet continues

The search for real estate continues in a balanced way both in the online channels and in the real estate offices.

But the demand for real estate using the internet has increased, especially among the younger generation.

However, a considerable number of people are still looking for homes in traditional ways.

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