What does the property owner mean? (Information about property ownership)

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What does the property owner mean? (Information about property ownership)

Property owners are natural or legal persons who have the right of ownership.

According to the Ownership Law, the apartment owner is defined as: “All properties belonging to a building are called the main property;

the independent parts of the main property that are subject to independent ownership in accordance with the provisions of this law are called independent divisions ” bağımsız bölümler”, while those added to the independent divisions are called extensions.

The right to own what is created on the independent divisions is called property ownership and those who have this right are called property owners “

Are tenants considered property owners?

(The tenant is not the owner of the property)

Tenants are not property owners. Tenants benefit from the property owned by the landlord by paying the monthly rent.

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What are the rights and duties of property owners?  

(Rights and duties of property owners)

1.According to the Property Ownership Law, landlords must share ownership of all parts of the main property in accordance with the percentage of ownership according to the provisions of joint ownership.

Realtors have the right to use common premises in the main property.

The right to ownership of common premises such as coal store, car park, terrace, laundry room, and laundry drying areas is proportional to the share of each property owner unless otherwise stated in the contract.

2.Landlords must comply with all rules regarding the use of independent divisions, extensions and common premises,

especially not to disturb each other, not to violate each other’s rights, and to comply with the provisions of the building management.

3.Realtors are obliged to preserve the beauty of the main property and to take care of its architectural condition.

4.No landlord has the right to make construction to the main property or to repair or change the color of the exterior building without the written approval of four-fifths of all landlords.

5.The landlord cannot make repairs, installations, and changes in his/her independent division which could damage the main structure.

6.Unless otherwise agreed between all realtors:

Realtors must participate equally in the expenses of the guard, doorman, heating worker, gardener, and the amounts spent on these items.

Insurance expenses for the main property and other expenses such as maintenance, protection,

repair and maintenance of extensions, in addition to the salaries of the construction department and the operating expenses of the utilities

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