Soon, a fast train connects Istanbul’s airports.

Soon, a fast train connects Istanbul’s airports.

Soon, a fast train connects Istanbul’s airports.

The new Istanbul airport, located north of the European section of the city, is expected to be connected to Sabiha Gokchin Airport in the eastern part of Asia by a high-speed train crossing the Sultan Yavuz Selim bridge, which connects the city’s two banks over the Bosphorus.

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The Yavuz Selim Bridge, which opened in August 2016, was the first bridge on the ground for the third time, following the bridges of Sultan Mohammed Al-Fateh and the Martyrs’ Crossroads on July 15, an extension of the northern highway of Marmara.


The bridge and the highway, which now provide the comfort, time and opportunity to save, are the fastest routes to Istanbul Airport, the new face of Turkey to the world. In the light of the projects expected, this highway will be supported by an iron railway with a fast train, which will increase upon arrival the widening of the railway network linking Istanbul to each other.


The Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge, which is of the utmost importance to the Turkish economy, will merge the two airports in Istanbul via uninterrupted flights between the two continents. The high-speed rail link will link the Istanbul and Gochin airports with long transport links.


The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Jahid Turhan, said earlier that the survey work and projects related to the railway line to be implemented within the scope of the Road Railway project have been completed.


“We will also implement a railway project for the city of Kogaili, namely the Gibza railway bridge project – Sabika Guqchin – Sultan Yavuz Selim – Istanbul – Halkali Railway Highways”, said Turhan.


“This line will be one of the most important links in the European part of the line Road railway running through our country. We completed the project with a length of 118 km. We plan to participate in the construction tender within the budget. ”

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