Real estate sales to foreigners in Antalya will reach a record

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Real estate sales to foreigners in Antalya will reach a record

While property sales to foreigners in Turkey continue to increase exponentially in 2019, Antalya, known as Turkey’s tourist paradise, is attracting significant interest from foreign investors.

Real estate Sales to Foreigners Increased by 19% in Antalya

According to the sales data, real estate sales to foreigners in Antalya increased by 19% in the first nine months of 2019 compared to the same period last year.

The number of properties sold to foreigners during this period amounted to 6 thousand 257 properties.

Although citizens of the Middle East and the Gulf were among the most buyers of real estate in Antalya, the number of Russians, Germans, British, Azerbaijanis, and Afghans real estate buyers have increased day by day. However, many nationalities wishing to buy real estate in Antalya.

In general, investment is the main purpose of buying real estate in Antalya but buyers also prefer to use these properties.

Investors from the Gulf and the Middle East are buying real estate from the whole city, while Germans prefer Alanya, and Russians prefer Beldibi and Kemer.

However, the British prefer Kaş and Kalkan, and Europeans prefer the coastal regions. This means that interest in the city is increasing day by day.

Last year, foreigners bought 7 thousand 938 real estate in Antalya, while sales increase are expected to continue until the end of the year.

Some real estate agents expect that 10 thousand properties will be sold this year, breaking the city’s sales record.

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