Real Estate Participation now is more contributing

Real Estate Participation now is more contributing

Real Estate Participation now is more contributing

Activities started in March, Emlak Katılım bank completed the first half of the year with an asset size reached 4.6 Billion TL.

The Bank received a credit rating from Fitch Ratings at the end of four months time, which can be considered as short for the financial world.

International credit rating agency called Fitch Ratings, which was evaluated by Turkey for the first time, “Long-Term Foreign Currency (FX)” credit rating denominated “B +”, was announced. Emlak Bank gave a strong message that it will make a significant contribution to the markets with its positive image obtained in the first quarter of its operation.

Significant development for real estate sector

İt provides confidence in the sector since the inception four months ago, Emlakbank succeded in a short time to get credit rating “Power to trust Turkey”, this plays a major role in the steps taken by officials toward targets. The fact that EmlakBank’s Long Term FX rating is at the same level as the largest banks and public banks in the sector (B +) is seen as a very positive development both for EmlakBank and the banking sector.

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It Provided 1 billion TL in 1.5 months

Realizing its application to the Capital Markets Board (CMB) to activate asset-based capital market instruments, Emlak Bank aims to improve its liaison with the housing producers and solve the stalemates in the sector. Realizing the success of collecting 1 billion Turkish liras in the first 1.5 months with the single branch located in Istanbul Ataşehir, Emlak Bank target for medium-term branches is 75. Developing 72 products, the bank management is preparing to launch a new model in real estate. Those who are waiting for the announcement of real estate participation and what opportunities the bank will offer compared to other banks.

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