Real estate in spring : demand is falling down

Real estate in spring : demand is falling down

Real estate in spring : demand is falling down

Banks tend to reduce real estate interest to 0.99 percent, caused. representatives of the sector stated that the percentage increased, while Treasury Minister Berat Albayrak said “The mobilization expected by the construction sector has begun”.

After the mortgage interest rate cuts by many banks last week, more than 13,000 customers applied for a total of 2.1 billion liras in the first two days. In the recent years, the real estate sector, which could not find its old atmosphere, also started to move due to the developments. Ziraat Bank, Halkbank and Vakifbank issued a joint statement on demand from customers last week after attracting mortgage interest rates below 1 percent. , The stated application amount is the highest real estate houses loan up to date in two days.
It is expected that the intense interest shown by our citizens will continue in the period ahead. ” Last week some banks had cut interest rates on housing loans and offered loans to all citizens with a maturity of up to 180 months with rates starting from 0.99 percent per month for all houses including second-hand. the three state-owned banks, Ziraat bank, Halkbank and Vakıf Katılım also cut housing finance rates.

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Treasury and Finance Minister Berat Albayrak announced that the interest rate initiated by state-owned banks gave the citizens’ favorability through providing them low-interest loans at record levels.
Minister Albayrak said in his statement on social media, “The interest rate reduction initiated by our state-owned banks and it was the beginning of the activity expected by the construction sector while our customers citizens gave us appreciation.

After Applying this Record-level for low-interest, We will take the gains of the balancing process further in a short time ”.


Mr. Ali Dilber, Chairman of ACCE Board of Directors, stated that there is purchase time in Real estate in spring sector and said: We are going through a period in which interest rates were pulled down and real estate prices were rising. Crisis situations always create opportunities. It’s time to turn this into an opportunity.

Today, especially those who invest in branded projects will make a significant profit after a year. There is real estate stock in Istanbul, yes, but there is demand. It would not be right to say that the market has reached saturation. and The right location is very important..


Ali Dilber, Chairman of the Board of Director,, stated that they experienced serious telephone traffic after the Center reduced interest rates and reflected this to housing loans extended by banks. Dilber stated that interest rates had a positive impact on sales. Sales not done only in terms of cost but also in motivation.

However, until the end of the year there is a little more expectation in interest rates that they will be falling. We’il see that soon. Our sales will also reflect this seriously. Citizens who have stopped deposit interest are now turning to real estate investment. Real estate is always valued, while the money in the bank depreciates, “he said.

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