Important information about housing fees

عائدات المجمع السكني في تركيا

Important information about housing fees

Apartment or site fees should not be underestimated. Neighbors or the building manager may complain about Apartment owners those who do not pay fees.

Fees are dues that must be paid to cover some expenses in buildings such as security, service staff and social facilities. Most of these fees spend in security.

In some buildings, fees with heating costs may be close to house rent. Therefore, those who buy or rent a house first asks how much the fees they will paid.

However, the fees should not be underestimated. When these fees are not paid regularly, it is not possible to cover the expenses of the building well and of course injustices occur.

According to the property law and the rent law, tenants living in the building and landlords are required to pay the fees.

While fixed expenses are taken from the landlord, other current expenses are taken from the tenant.

According to the property law, not paying fees requires different sanctions.

It is possible to file a lawsuit by other homeowners or by the buildings manager against the owner who does not pay fees, and there may be a 5% interest monthly.

If the tenant doesn’t pay the fees, the landlord is responsible.

However, landlords have the right to check these expenses and may not pay them if they prove that the expenses have been spent unfairly or on excess items.

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Fees must be paid legally

Aydın Ağaoğlu, Honorary Chairman of Consumer Contact Center, made statements about the details of the subject.

He said, “These issues do not fall within the scope of the consumer law.

According to floor property law, debt law and general laws, it is possible to sell apartment if its owner don’t participate in the apartment management and don’t pay the fees.

A very important issue; if the tenant does not paid the fees of the apartment, the owner is responsible.

The fees determined by the apartment management to cover the reasonable costs must be paid legally, and if not paid, it is possible to request an interest of 5 percent monthly.

Landlords can ask administration for an answer and may even apply to the Magistrates’ Court to determine the case.

If there are some luxury expenses in the building, gyms, swimming pools and other expenses that are not included in the project, the landlord has the right to formally declare his non-participation.

According to the law and to cover reasonable expenses approved by the management, an apartment that does not pay the fees may be sold. In addition, it should be noted that not paying the fees will result in executive action.

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In case the payment is not made, the apartment will be sold and management will receive its dues.

If the owner of the apartment come to the administration and pay the fees with the costs of the procedures taken, the sale will be canceled.”

Sinan Kahraman, manager of a building, said, “All the owners of the apartments have a right to complain.

As the management, we in turn warn resident by the notary and then we give period of time, 1 week to 10 days.

At this time, if we do not receive any reply, we will contact a lawyer.

If something is as urgent as the homeowner losing his job, we can wait several months.

However, if this situation puts the other residents in trouble, we will turn to the law.

Because the unpaid amount will be borne by the other residents, and within two months, if the fees are not contested or not paid for two consecutive months without giving us any reason, we will protest against him/her.

If resident does not respond to the protest too, we hand the matter over to our legal counsel”

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Construction companies should pay attention to some points

Kahraman said, “The construction company is responsible for the site for five years.

So after the construction and delivery of the site, the construction company is responsible for any defect for five years.

Some departments collect 15 to 20 thousand liras from landlords and pay the operator 10 thousand liras to operating company and take the rest as a source of income and profit.

So those who buy apartments are wondering how much fees they will pay.”

The biggest expenditure item is Security

“The number of entrance doors of the site plays an important role in fees,” Kahraman said, “The most important items of expenditure include security, cleaning, technical maintenance, maintenance of gardens, insecticides and swimming pool in the sites that have a swimming pool.

Pool motors work 12 to 24 hours and this drains a lot of electricity. All of this have expenses.”

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