How much money do I need to invest in Turkey real estate?

How much money do I need to invest in Turkey real estate?

Turkey Real estate, which is a good investment method, is sold for different prices according to various criteria.

However, knowing the average prices will give investors an idea of ​​the real estate market in Turkey.

Money Required for Turkey Real Estate Investment

The amount of money is needed for real estate investment is determined by many different criteria. At this point, the type of real estate, its location, and its characteristics should be taken into consideration.

1+0 Apartments

Interest in 1+0 apartments has been increased in recent years due to changing housing needs. Particularly people living alone or students do not need very large apartments.

Those wishing to buy such an apartment can buy real estate starting from 100 thousand TL.

There are also some houses sold for less than this price. However, in metropolitan cities, houses built with modern architecture generally have these minimum values.

1+1 Apartments

1+1 apartments are sold intensively in metropolitan cities where a large number of students is.

The lowest price for luxury 1+1 apartment is about 150 thousand TL.

2+1 Apartments

Regarding how much money is needed for real estate investment, 2+1 apartments are also of interest as most families with children usually prefer this type of apartment. Prices for these properties start from 250 thousand TL and can reach much higher numbers.

3+1 Apartments

This is one of the most popular housing class because it is suitable for large families. However, the prices vary greatly but the minimum price for a beautifully designed 3+1 property is 350 thousand TL.

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The most important factors to consider when investing in Turkey real estate

  • Before investing, you must choose the type of real estate you want to buy. Is it residential or commercial?
  • Especially in areas where the winter is harsh, the exposure of the real estate to the sun is very important. Therefore, pay attention to the exposure of the house to the sun in the morning and evening.
  • Transportation is a distinctive feature in metropolitan cities. Therefore, for real estate far away from the city center, the purchase decision can be made according to the transportation alternatives in this area.
  • Social texture and the quality of people living in the neighborhood are also very important. The neighborhoods do not have forensic events and are known as peaceful, are generally known for their high prices.

You can also get help from a real estate agent regarding how much money you need to invest in real estate.

Such an investment will give you substantial financial gains.

It is possible to make the best investment by acting according to all these criteria.

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