How Much is the Net Area of Your Real estate in turkey ?

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How Much is the Net Area of Your Real estate in turkey ?

Gross and net area of the real estate in turkey

Those who want to buy a new real estate in turkey come across terms that might be incomprehensible to them, such as gross or net area.

So what is the difference between net and gross area?

Gross Area: represents the total area you own in the building from which you purchased your house.

They include walls, columns, balconies, terraces, and stairs. In short, you can not use areas physically.

Net Area: This is the area you should pay attention to when searching for a house on the Internet, projects or real estate agents.

Net area refers to the actual total area available on the interior of the walls of the house, including balconies.

It can be expressed in the total living area inside the house.

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How is the Gross Area calculated?

The total area of ​​the house can be calculated in three different ways. These;

  1. It can be calculated from the floor plan after subtracting the area of ​​gaps and elevators,
  2. Adding the proportion of social facilities such as the entrance of the building, playgrounds, swimming pool, and essential car parks to the gross area of ​​the house,
  3. The fire ladder may be excluded from the calculation.

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How is the Net Area calculated?

It is calculated from subtracting the area of ​​unused areas such as stairs, elevator and wall thickness from the gross area.

Is the written area in the Title Deed Net or Gross?

In general, the area, written in the title deed, is the gross area.

If the gross area is 130 square meters, the net area maybe 100 square meters.

According to the Consumer Law, which aims to protect consumers, the gross and net area of ​​real estate should be specified, especially for projects that have not been started.

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