Foreigners love Antalya

Foreigners love Antalya

Foreigners love Antalya

Why foreigners love Antalya?

streets in antalya
Streets in antalya

Antalya, which hit a record-breaking record in house sales to foreigners, moved to second place after Istanbul. the increase has exceeded the level of 10% compared to last year.

The wealth of assets, interest rate cuts and the exchange rate movement in Dollar and Euro stimulated the real estate sector with house sales to foreigners and expatriates. 764 home sales in Antalya, second placeafter Istanbul.


According to the data of Land Registry and Cadastre in July, the most sold houses were for Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Russia. ‘Being Peace’, known as the arrangements for collecting taxes from the money and securities abroad to be brought to Turkey also has a positive influence on the process.

How to find a house according to your budget in Turkey?


Antalya Chamber of Realtors President Seref Saglam, said: “Foreigners and expats, 100 thousand euros last year could not get an apartment this year, 80-85 thousand euros can do, house prices have increased by 10 % compared to last year, ”.

50% INCREASE IN 2020

Şeref Sağlam said that the increase in house prices in Antalya took place in each region simultaneously. Due to the good trend of the housing market, the flats that can be bought for 80-85 thousand euros this year will rise to 120 thousand euros next year. ”


Antalya Construction Contractors Association President Atilgan Hard, said the following information: With the rise of the dollar and Euro exchange rates, foreigners started to look at Antalya as an investment city. ”


iraqian in antalya
iraqian in antalya

This year, many foreign sales were made to Iraq in Antalya. Iran and Russia follows. These countries are followed by some European countries. ”

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