Esenyurt and Kepez ranked first in housing sales

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Esenyurt and Kepez ranked first in housing sales

Esenyurt district in Istanbul ranked first in the whole of Turkey in eight months of this year in terms of housing sales, with sales of 18,976, while Kepez in Antalya came second with 10,651 homes, followed by Keçiören in Ankara.

According to FuzulEv’s research, “Most Residential Sold Districts in Turkey” which included 150,000 people in 159 districts, the demand for affordable housing in the Andolu region remained alive.

While only one district of ​​Istanbul was in the top ten, four districts of Ankara were listed. During the 8 months of the year, 18,976 houses were sold in Esenyurt district of Istanbul, which constitutes the majority of housing sales in Turkey.

It was followed by Kepez in Antalya with 11,510 housing units and then Keçiören in Ankara with 10,651 units, while Çankaya was the fourth with 10,309 housing units, Mamak was ranked fifth with 9,842 units.

Nilüfer in Bursa was the sixth with 8,535 houses and Yenimahalle in Ankara came in the seventh place with 7,784 housing units. In the eighth place, the Şahinbey district of Gaziantep came with 7,538 houses and then Alanya in Antalya was the ninth with 7,307 houses. Selçuklu in Konya came tenth with 7,082 houses sold.

Top 20 districts for housing sales included in 8 different cities

The top 20 of the list included districts from 8 different provinces. Out of top 10 districts in the real estate sales in 8 months, 6,798 houses were sold in Sincan, Ankara, 6,770 in Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, 6,494 in Pendik, Istanbul and 6,422 in Melikgazi, Kayseri.

Of the top 20 districts, in Istanbul 6,274 and 6,211 residences were sold in Başakşehir and Beylikdüzü, respectively.

In Ankara 6,070 and 6,058 residences were sold in Etimesgut and Altındağ, respectively. In Tepebaşı, Eskişehir 6,012 housing units were sold.

 these districts, especially in August, as a result of public banks decrease home loan rates to 0.99 percent, sales have increased.

Although August coincided with al-Adha and the summer holidays, especially mortgage sales have increased dramatically.

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Demand for housing in the Anadolu region continues

FuzulEv Chairman Eyüp Akbal said in a statement to AA correspondent, “the Esenyurt region, which ranked first in 2018 with the number of housing sales will be ranked first this year as well.” Akbal stressed that the fact that the population of the district is close to 1 million and the availability of affordable housing are effective in this leadership.

Akbal stressed that it is noticeable that there are districts from Ankara and Anadolu region in the top 10 list for housing sales, while Esenyurt alone represented Istanbul in this list. “Anadolu regions were found high in this list.

While we find four districts from Ankara, Esenyurt is the only region that represents Istanbul in the list of ten best-selling housing districts,” he said.

Akbal, “Antalya, Bursa, Gaziantep, and Konya cities from Anadolu region also take place in the top 10, and this table shows that the demand for housing still exists in Anadolu region,” said.

Akbal stated that Kayseri and Eskişehir cities were on the top 20 and houses ownership rates had begun to decline in recent years while demand for homes was strong and important factor for this was “appropriate price-location”.

Erciş and Beykoz is the last two in the list

Eyup Akbal explained that according to the results of the research, which included more than 150 thousand people in 159 districts,​​ Erciş in Van was ranked last and Beykoz ranked second to last. Akbal said,” Although Bekouz’s population is about 250,000 people, the lack of housing in the area and the type of housing units that appeal to high-income people have been one of the main reasons for this result.”

 “Although real estate is largely concentrated in Istanbul, there are serious sales of housing outside Istanbul,” Akbal said, “This can be clearly seen by looking at the most areas where housing has been sold.”

Akbal said, “We at Fuzulev have been emphasizing this for a long time. Some of those who want to buy property have lost appetite for home ownership. It is very important to provide appropriate conditions for these people to realize their dreams. There is a serious demand for affordable housing in Anadolu reign, where the square meter price is 2,500 liras and we expect this demand to continue for a long time.”


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