Campaign race started: interest rates will be cut to reach 0.69%


Campaign race started: interest rates will be cut to reach 0.69%

Campaign race started: interest rates will be cut to reach 0.69%

The Banks tends to attract customers by giving housing loans starting from 0.99%, giving opportunity to those who want to be homeowners. Within the scope of the campaign, there were a large number of domestic and international demand for apartments. In addition to the interest rate cut by banks, construction companies have also lowered the special interest rates offered to their customers.

Following the central bank’s interest rate cut, public banks Halkbank, Ziraat Bank and Vakıfbank cut interest rates as well and reduced the interest rate on housing loans to 0.99%.

In the last three days, banks announced that they received more than 13,000 applications and a record demand of TL 2.1 billion.


Developments also stimulated real estate companies. companies began to announce one campaign after another.

Customers coming to the sales office took the first big step in interest reduction and better payment terms.


Within the scope of the campaign, the down payment is A must, a full year is postponed and the maturity is divided into 5 years without any difference. With the maturity rate drawn to 0.69% in 180 months, 11 Apartments are offered for sale in fixed installments starting from 1,200 TL, 21 from 2,000 TL, 31 from 3,000 TL. At the end of the first year, the 12th, 12th, 24th, 36th, 48th and 60th months payments and the down payment is paid in 5 equal parts. This figure corresponds to 13,200 TL per year. The remaining amount of the apartment is 180 months with 1200 TL monthly bank loan will be paid. You can be a host within the scope of the campaign with a monthly installment of 1200 TL.

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Big Festival

Babacan Holding offers the opportunity to invest in the last remaining apartments in the projects completed with through Eid al-Adha Campaign, which cuts interest rates to less than 1%. According to a statement from the compan, the decline in interest rates acted quickly by offering investors the most appropriate payment options that will give customer the relief.


Within the scope of the Eid Al-Adha Campaign, which cuts the interest rates to less than 1%, the company offers a 15% discount advantage in terms of conditional payments or advance payments with an interest rate of 0.99% in Babacan Premium and Babacan Palace projects. At Babacan Port Royal, the most suitable conditional payment options that do not shake the investors’ budget are waiting for the investors.


Turkey Tradesmen Chairman Bendevi Palandöken, stated that housing loans have been perceived positively in the market of lower interest.

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