August Rent Increase Rate Becomes Certain

Rent Increase

August Rent Increase Rate Becomes Certain

With the inflation data announced by TurkStat, the rate of increase in rent was also determined. How much rent increase will those who will renew their contracts in August 2019? The details of the rent agreement expired and those who will make rent hike this month in our news ..

new rates for those who will hike today became clear.

When it comes to the process of renewing the contracts of renting people, they will be wondering about the increase in rent.

This month the lease is full and you are asked to continue in the house where you have to make a scarifice to rent. the official decision taken in January 2019, the rent increase rates do not exceed the 12-month average of the CPI. Due to the high inflation data in recent years.

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Here are the figures of the rate of increase in rent in August

In July 2019, CPI increased 1.36% compared to the previous month, 6.44% compared to December of the previous year, 16.65% compared to the same month of the previous year and 19.91% to the twelve months basis.

the rate for August will be 19,91%. There could be an agreement below this rate but cannot exceed this rate.


Rent 1,000 TL

Raise 19.91%

Increase in  199.1 TL

Increased rental price 1.199 TL

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