Arab businessmen in Istanbul


Arab businessmen in Istanbul

Arab businessmen in Istanbul

Turkish-Arab Countries Cooperation Association, will organize for the third year, “Real Estate Project Development and Financing Fair”, the 500 Arab investors will meet with real estate firms in Turkey.

Only registered participants can take part in the fair, real estate producers in Turkey, Arab investors have the opportunity to be face to face with investment opportunities.

19 Arab countries will participate in the fair, represented by companies .


Sabuhi Attar stated that they have been carrying out activities to improve the cooperation between Turkish-Arab countries for 12 years and said, There is a serious participation in this summit. there will be approximately one thousand participants.

The Ministry of Environment alongside with ministries in Arab countries, trade delegations, Arab ambassadors and consulates in Ankara will participate.

This adds a lot of color to the summit. We find answers to all kinds of companies and help them with these contributions.

I hope everyone here will have a great summit work. This summit will benefit our country and Arab countries.

We will take them to the best service by providing them with the best technology. He said.

The reform began in Uzungol


TÜRAP President Sabuhi Attar emphasized that his work is mainly focused on Turkish-Arab cooperation.

“Our organization seriously and continuously work for 12 years, we are running the Turkish-Arab summit to make it common in Turkey.

We have a big work on November 19. We are making the 6th Building Construction Materials Fair.

We are also making our 3rd Real Estate Fair. There will be a serious society.

Approximately 200 Turkish companies will participate. 1,500 Arab investors will take part.

Nice work. Because there’s always the need for cooperation in Turkey with Arab countries.

We also have about 40 lawyers working at the summit in all Arab countries.

This facilitates trade and investment, We established a very serious group on real estate.

Our representatives took this duty both for consultation, service and direct sales to Arab countries.

Approximately 50 representatives will attend this fair.

This service will bring earnings useful both to Turkey and Arab countries.

Our goal is to provide a good economy and cooperation with Arab countries. ”

The fair will be very beneficial in terms of employment and economy.

As much as we introduce our brands and products to Arab countries, it will increase production and serious export figures will be achieved.

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