3+1 Typed properties are preferred in new projects in Turkey

3+1 Typed properties are preferred in new projects in Turkey

What happened in the new real estate market in September?

Have new real estate prices increased or decreased?

What type of real estate has attracted foreign interest?

New Property Prices increased by 0.37%

According to REIDIN-GYODER data for the New Residential Property Price Index (Housing Price Index) for September 2019, the nominal value of the index decreased by 0.37% compared to the previous month, while it rose by 2.36% compared with the same period last year and 86.70% compared to January 2010

While new home prices rose by 2.36% last year, second-hand home prices rose by 5.62%.

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Increase Residential Real estate Price Index for 1+1 and 3+1 Properties

The New Property Price Index showed a 0.48% increase in nominal value in 1+1 properties and a 0.73% decrease in 2+1 properties. While there was a nominal increase of 0.53% in 3+1 , the index fell 0.67% in 4+1 properties.

When the data about the payment method used by real estate buyers were analyzed, it was found that 59% used cash payment, 19% used bank loans, and 22% used bonds in September.

In the same month, 5% of real estate sales of branded projects were made to foreign investors (7% average of the past six months) and 1+1 were preferred in these sales.

76% of the properties sold were finished while 24% were unfinished projects.

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