Why to buy a property in Antalya?

Why to buy a property in Antalya?

Why to buy a property in Antalya ?

Antalya is the second largest destination in terms of real estate investment and tourism in Turkey, which is confirmed by statistics on monthly basis, which are the most profitable areas and also one of the highest rates where the foreign presence.

The number of property purchased in Antalya by foreigners from January to March amounted to 1,900 properties. The purchase were made throughout the city. Various types of turkey property apartments, villas and commercial buildings. The main area of ​​Antalya is the center of the city, and there are tourist resorts surrounding the area.

The region has a coastline of 600 km with sandy beaches, stunning views and Mediterranean climate, making it a preferred area for stability and housing. However, tourism excellence and lifestyle, which is unparalleled anywhere else in the country, enhances the region’s reputation .

Five areas in Antalya you should visit before buying!

1 – Kalkan

شراء عقار في أنطاليا, لماذا شراء عقار في أنطاليا ؟

Speaking to any Turkish real estate expert, he would have nothing but praise for Kalkan, which lies in the heart of Turkey’s southern coast. It is all about luxury lifestyles, weighs heavily on modern design villas with stunning sea views and a distinctive lifestyle. Kalkan is divided into six separate neighborhoods, all of which offer something unique from the magnificent Kizeltach views to the Comorl’s millionaire palaces and we have property for sale in antalya konyaalti.

2- Alanya

شراء عقار في أنطاليا, لماذا شراء عقار في أنطاليا ؟

Investors prefer Alanya, in the eastern tip of Antalya. Thanks to the continued popularity of tourism from various nationalities in Alanya, the city has affected the real estate market. Neighborhoods such as Mahmudlar and Apsalarmen are the most important neighborhoods of Alanya. They also offer affordable real estate per square meter price, providing great potential for capital increase for long-term owners.

3- Kemer

شراء عقار في أنطاليا, لماذا شراء عقار في أنطاليا ؟

The city of Kemer is clean, and it has enjoyed recent urban growth. During the summer, it is a crowded center and easy access from it to Antalya’s main city center. In addition to the surrounding tourist areas is one of the most preferred places of European investors. Among the most important neighborhoods and areas of the city: the city center, Jameova district, Arslanbugak, and Gwenk.


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Belek is the capital of golf in Turkey, yet more than that, the city is characterized by its beautiful beaches, five-star hotels and luxurious spa resorts.

has a quiet residential environment, despite its popularity, and is therefore ideal for stability. If you want to buy a property in Belek, the city center and Qadiriyah district are the best places. The Qadriyah neighborhood offers significant potential for home prices.

5- Antalya city center

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The city center is the best place for people to enjoy shopping, transportation and nightlife. The area is divided into three zones. and Top budget buyers like Kunalte and Lara Beach are often preferred, so they can take advantage of Turkey’s coastal lifestyle.

The beaches of Konyalti and Lara are among the top 10 beaches in Turkey. At the same time, low-budget buyers often choose the Kepez district. Thanks to its central location, it is the region most favored by people.

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