Why is Turkey a safe haven for real estate investors?

Why is Turkey a safe haven for real estate investors?

Turkey is known as a safe place for investors, Foreign or Arab, Turkey proved through many investment oppotunities that it is considered to be one of the most powerful countries, we would like to present some important facts and why you should invest in Turkey.

-Turkey did prove that it is one of the strongest economic countries in the World, to protect that it give more opportunities through providing citizenship for foriegn people.

-Whoever invest in Turkish market should gain profits.

The foreign investor will find the fluctiations of the Turkish lire which leads it to decreas it’s value, as a good opportunity as real estate field in Turkey keeps the same prices against Dollar as all payments for any property is done by Turkish Lira. We advice to buy at the moment, as this situation would not last, professionals says the Turkish Lira will get well soon,  if you bought a property today, the value of it should increase as soon as the Turkish lire increases its value.

More transportation projects leads to improve investment in real estate. Why?

-The more tourist, the more demands on realestate as much of them would like to  live here, others would prefer to invest.

The Turkish economy is successful and its growth is increasing. Turkey has reached the second rank in the European countries in terms of economic growth according to the statistics of 2018. Turkey also maintains its position as the 13th rank in terms of economy in the world countries. As well as talking about trade in Turkey, the country has its own attractiveness.

-The population of Turkey provides a large market for consumption

One of the signs of successful investment is the availability of a large consumer market, or in other way. A closer availability of a large, reliable population for the consumption of products or materials provided by investment projects. Turkey’s population of more than 81 million plays an important role in the consumption of domestic and foreign products and projects. In addition, most of Turkey’s population is young, with 50% of Turkey’s population under the age of 30 adding to their educational and cultural level, adding new value to foreign investment as a contributing and competitive workforce. The population also plays a prominent role in securing professional manpower for all kinds of investment in Turkey. Turkey has a well-educated, scientifically qualified and educated workforce, as well as the abundance of labor for various industries in Turkey.

Turkey has millions of Arabs from Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Yemen, most of whom live for long periods in Turkey as well as the Maghreb and Gulf communities, which are growing day after day motivated by investment and labor.

The infrastructure in Turkey is characterized by high technology, especially the major modern projects, where the aim is not only the Turks to build the necessary service facilities such as bridges, airports, waterways and others in order to be giant projects and competitive

Turkey’s biggest airport Istanbul airport

For example, the construction of the new Istanbul airport adds new incentives for the establishment of tourist companies in Turkey as it is the largest airport in Europe and will add significant value to tourism investment.

On the other hand, it added new value to the properties surrounding the airport and nearby, which means an increase in real estate investment opportunities in Turkey.

In particular those areas, as well as the importance of free tax-free commercial areas near major airports and provide many opportunities for trade and investment under ideal conditions and conditions.

Turkey’s infrastructure projects are strikingly different from railways, highways, modern hospitals, universities, airports, channels, ports, etc., so that Turkey, due to the new Istanbul Canal project alone, will create a new city in Istanbul with all new investment opportunities in all economic sectors.

Investment opportunities in Turkey

The highways between Turkey and the EU plays an important role in facilitating trade in Turkey, import and export of goods and facilitate the opportunities and conditions of investment in Turkey due to the ease of transport and speed of goods .

– The first and most important feature of the tax in Turkey is that it is the same for Turks and foreigners, except for some costs that are necessary, such as translating some official documents from Arabic to Turkish and ratification, or accompanied by an interpreter or agent.

In this article, we have gathered several important reasons that attract foreign investors and encourage them to open new projects in Turkey. The future of investment in Turkey is thriving and the Turkish economy is moving forward and growing in various sectors. A large number of opportunities and offers renewed on a daily basis with full advisory support in all matters related to the purchase of property in Turkey with the provision of offers suitable for Turkish citizenship.

Turkey to use lira instead of Dollar in property purchases, sales, rents

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