What to do if you want to buy a house in Istanbul?

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What to do if you want to buy a house in Istanbul?

What to do if you want to buy a house in Istanbul?

In response to the question of what to do if you want to buy a house in Istanbul, it can be said that investors should buy properties according to their needs.

There are many people who want to reside in Istanbul, whether from other Turkish cities or abroad. Some of them buy houses for investment and some buy for living.

Those who want to buy a house in Istanbul, should get help from a professional real estate company, an Agent should guide the investor. If he does so, he will both exercise his legal rights correctly and make no mistake about property acquisition.

Those who want to reside in Istanbul should first determine what they want exactly.

Beyoglu (Istanbul)

When buyers looks to move from place to place for residence purposes, there will be specific projects for this purpose.

For example, there might be different reasons for any buyer or investor, such as buying to studu in university, or job change, or investment purposes.

For each of these reasons, different neighbourhood characteristics should be taken into consederation, transportation routes should be an advantage in any location, and social life may be preferred.

property turkey
Property Turkey

Preference features and priorities vary depending on the reason for residing in Istanbul.

Although these criteria are slightly different, they also apply to foreigners who want to buy a house in Istanbul from abroad.

Foreigners should definitely seek help from professional real estate companies as they cannot handle the situation alone by themselves.

There are numerous advantages for them to do this.

For example, foreign investors can get the most accurate information in neighbourhoods according to their wishes from real estate companies.

Foreigners will also be able to obtain the most accurate information about suitable homes and prices in their desired neighbourhoods through these real estate companies.

These privileges include country citizens’ rights and a number of tax exemptions and practices that enable easy property acquisition.

In order to benefit from these practices, foreign investors must be aware of these issues, the number of foreigners who decided to buy houses from Istanbul is increasing every day.

In fact, many millions of tourists who come to our country every year admire our country. And then there’s a thought in their minds about buying a house in Istanbul.

However, most of who live abroad and who decided to buy a property from Turkey unaware of how to handle foreign procedures in this regard.

Can Foreigners Buy Houses From Istanbul?

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Client in Turkey

Following these recent legal egulations in Turkey, Foreigners who buy properties came from different  countries.

Citizens of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Syria and the United Kingdom. Are examples of buyers, they have to fulfill some legal rules in order to buy a house in Istanbul or another city.

For example, in accordance with Article 35 of the Land Registry Law No. 2644, which was revised by Law No. 6302 in recent years, it has become possible for foreign nationals to purchase immovable properties in Turkey.

Foreigners wishing to learn about the subject before coming to Istanbul, Turkish Embassies in their countries can share information with them.

Foreigners love Antalya

Foreign nationals who will buy houses from Istanbul need to be aware of the official agreements and the laws about the immovable property of foreigners in order to avoid any mistakes.

It is necessary to pay attention to the regulation of the contracts between these official practices and to read them carefully.

When a foreigner buys a house from Istanbul, the official agreement required for the transfer of ownership must be processed in the Land Registry Office where the immovable property is located.

One of the issues that foreign investors should pay attention to when buying a house is the necessity of obtaining permission from the military authorities in the region.

If the purchased house is located within the security zone, it cannot be possible to sell to foreigners and this should be paid attention to.

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