Turkish visa for Citizens of Saudi Arabia

تأشيرة تركيا

Turkish visa for Citizens of Saudi Arabia

Citizens of Saudi Arabia must pay attention to several points when obtaining a Turkish visa.

In general, the terms of the Turkish visa for Saudi Arabia citizens can be summarized as follows: All citizens of Saudi Arabia holding a general passport are legally required to obtain a visa.

Saudi nationals holding special, service and diplomatic passports are subject to public law when taking a Turkish visa. Thus, 90-day visa exemption laws are applied to citizens of Saudi Arabia. For this reason, Saudi nationals who hold a general passport and want to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days must consult Turkey’s representatives in Saudi Arabia personally. It should be noted that the amount paid during the visa application will not be refunded if the visa application is rejected.

On the other hand, applying for the required turkish visa in average one month before the planned travel date prevents delays that may occur. An important condition is that a person who wants to obtain a visa must get a health insurance according to how long he/she want to stay in Turkey. However, according to the law, the visa exemption should not exceed 90 days every six months.

In fact, this law applies to all citizens of foreign countries who want to come to Turkey. In the other hand, foreigners wishing to reside in Turkey more than 90 days should apply to the Provincial Directorate of Migration for a “Residence Permit” to extend their stay in Turkey. Children with Saudi nationality who are under the age of 18 must obtain the permission of both their mothers and fathers in order to apply for a visa to visit Turkey.

تأشيرة الكترونية

What does E-Visa mean?

With the developing technology, the application of E-Visa provides a great facilitation for people. The banderole and stamps used previously at Turkey’s border gates have been replaced by electronic visa, thus saving a lot of time for people. With this new service, applicants can obtain a visa through the website by submitting the required documents on the website and paying by credit card.

Upon successful completion of the e-visa application, the e-visa will be sent to the applicant’s email address. In this way, the people whose application has been approved can print their e-visas from e-mails and use it to pass through airports and customs points. On the other hand, the person holding the e-visa must keep it until the end of his/her trip.

If Saudi nationals hold an official passport, they will be exempted from visa for 90 days during their tourist trips. Although Saudi nationals can apply for a visa for work or study electronically, they should consult Turkey’s representatives in Saudi Arabia personally. Upon entry into Turkey, Saudi nationals are required to have a passport valid for 60 days or any document replacing the passport after the expiry of their residence permit, visa or visa exemption.

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What should be the duration of the passport?

When issuing passports, the person may receive a different duration depending on his or her use. On the other hand, in general, the passport should not be older than 10 years on average and its papers should not be torn. In addition to that the passport photo does not have to be removed and seals and writing that in the passport should not be too light to read. Otherwise passports become unusable.

جواز سفر سعودي
Saudi passport

How do Saudi citizens get tourist visas?

The duration of the visa granted by the representatives of Turkey abroad does not exceed 90 days. In addition, citizens holding the official Saudi passport are exempt from the visa for tourism purpose for 90 days. A residence permit for those who wish to stay for more than 90 days is required.

In addition, for tourist visa applications, it is necessary to clarify the detailed information of the inviting person if an invitation letter is submitted. Example, the national number and details of inviting person’s ID. By the way the name and residence address of the guest, contact number, length of stay, the purpose of the visit and other details such as kinship should be provided. At the same time, the inviting person is requested to declare that the food and accommodation responsibility of the guest will be borne by her/him.

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How does the Saudi citizen get a work visa?

Saudi nationals wishing to work in Turkey must apply for a work visa to Turkey representatives in Saudi Arabia.Thereafter, the decision to grant a work visa is decided by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. The Minister can accept or reject giving work visa. Work permits obtained within this scope are also residence permits for citizens of Saudi Arabia.

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