Things to do in Istanbul City

اسطنبول, istanbul, turkey, تركيا

Things to do in Istanbul City

Turkey, which have throats thanks to its geographical location, which is surrounded on three sides by the sea and because of its nature and commercial and economic size in addition to its historical beauty, is a country where everyone would want to live.

the city of 16 million people and which is the largest city in Turkey, can be considered a small scale of Turkey’s mix.

Istanbul city is very attractive because of its social, natural, historical, cultural and marine opportunities. For this reason, it is quite enjoyable to live in Istanbul.

For example people can reach all the opportunities in Istanbul as long as they have the time and budget to visit the places they want to visit and to do the things they want.

اسطنبول, istanbul, turkey, تركيا

Istanbul Restaurants

Places to visit in Istanbul

Istanbul, which has been home to countless cultures throughout history, has a unique beauty even in this respect.

Istanbul receives tourists from countless countries of the world at any time of the year and offers to its visitors the beauty of a charming city in summer and winter.

Those who come from the other end of the world to see Istanbul, primarily prefer to visit places that reflect the historical and cultural riches of the city till now.

السوق المصري
Grand Bazar

Beyoglu (Istanbul)

Grand Bazaar is 550 years old

Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Eminönü, Beyazit Mosque, Spice Bazaar, Grand Bazaar, Gulhane Park, Topkapi Palace, Dolmabahçe Palace, Istanbul Archeology Museum and Dikilitaş are among the historical places in the city.

The Grand Bazaar is 550 years old and is located in Eminönü, next to the Great Mosque, also known as Pigeon Mosque.

Grand Bazaar is one of the most important places visited by tourists coming to the city and, at the same time it is a popular place for Istanbul residents.

The Grand Bazaar is like a historical bridge extending from fairy tales to now with its various spices, fragrant spices and souvenirs.

The Spice Bazaar and the Grand Bazaar have attracted visitors for 550 years through its numerous and similar gates, mystical spice scents, the brilliance of jewelry and the charm of souvenirs.

Whether you are a tourist or living in Istanbul, when you breathe that charming air in the Grand Bazaar, you definitely want to buy something for yourself or your loved ones.

جسر الخليج اسطنبول, istanbul city
Halic Birdge

Istanbul Weather

Touring in Istanbul doesn’t end

It should not be forgotten that Istanbul consists of 39 districts. And for every district, there are many historical and cultural heritage, as well as natural beauties.

For example, you cannot come to Istanbul and not see the Bosphorus which is known as the necklace of the city.

When you come to Istanbul city, you should go to Kadıköy and Üsküdar by ferry, walk around Maltepe Coast and go to Çamlıca hill and look at the city and take a comprehensive view of the city.

After that, you should go to Emirgan, visit the Fethi Paşa forest and take a break in the cafes there.

It is also necessary to eat sugared yogurt in Kanlıca, greet the Galata Tower and visit the Maiden’s Tower.

In fact, it is possible to see many historical places like these by the Bosphorus tour, even if you are away.

Apart from anything else, it is not possible to reach Eminönü or Galata Bridge without eating fish sandwiches with pickles, which is one of the things to be done in Istanbul.

At any time of the day, fish sandwiches are offered by many boats in the sea and restaurants located under the Galata Bridge.

If you pass from here, you should look at the centuries-old trees and flowers that change colors according to each season at Gülhane Park.

جامع السلطان أحمد, Sultan Ahmet Mosque, istanbul city
Sultan Ahmed Mosque

What to do if you want to buy a house in Istanbul?

Sultan Ahmet Square in Istanbul



Of course after a long stroll and to take a break you can stroll around Topkapi Palace which is located on the hill overlooking both the Istanbul and the other side of the city, or you can have a snack in the nearby restaurants or cafes.

Istanbul Archaeological Museum, which is located around Topkapi Palace, also hosts interesting historical and cultural riches worth seeing.

This museum is one of the places to visit and enjoy. To this day, Istanbul Railway Station still standing with all its majesty.

Hagia Sophia, Dikilitaş and Sultan Ahmet Square is one of the hosts who welcome visitors.

In addition, there are many historical figures buried in the cemetery which is located inside the mosque.

The Fatih district is home to the famous Castle of the Seven Towers, the historic Edirne Gate Walls and the historic Fatih Mosque.

In Eyüp Sultan district we find Pier Lotti hill and Eyüp Sultan Mosque, which is one of the most historically and spiritually valuable places.

Istanbul city is such a that no matter where you are going to visit, the beautiful sea coast will accompany you everywhere.

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