The best selling areas in Istanbul for real estate

The best selling areas in Istanbul for real estate

Property in Istanbul, where real estate investment is increasing day after day, gathers the property buying and selling market. In some areas of Istanbul, developments in real estate sector are moving faster. Where the most important factors in accelerating home sales is near the area such as transport public housing, social life and shopping malls. We have assembled the most beneficial areas in Istanbul for you. The following are the best 10 regions of property in Istanbul where home sales rates are highest;

  • Sariyer

Sariyer is one of the most important areas of Istanbul, which has a large sales activity, especially after the construction of the third bridge. As real estate investments towards northern Istanbul are also effective in this case. Both apartment prices and apartment sales have also increased in Sariyer

  • Arnaoutkoy

Just like the Sariyer region, the residents of the Arnaoutkoy area benefit from the the third bridge and the new airport in Istanbul. Land prices in the region have also risen last 2-3 years.

  • Puerazkoy

Is one of the addresses of those who want to get away from Istanbul’s busy city life. Puerazkoy home prices per square meter continue to increase

  • Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu is the fastest growing region in Istanbul where home sales are accelerating, especially in terms of collective housing. This region is expected to develop in the future in the construction and sale of homes and land.

  • basaskcehir

Construction and civilizational life begun to develop new housing projects, where home sales are up 20 percent.

  • cevizlibag

It is well known that large construction companies are establishing new projects in this region. The fact that the public transport and metro facilities are directed to this area enables home sales to accelerate in this area.

  • soaglacesme

Is another area that uses Istanbul’s growing transport lines. According to real estate data, this area will be notable in terms of future of home sales figures.

  • Sikmakoy

According to the data of 2016, Sikmakoy is one of the areas where housing price numbers and home sales are rising rapidly. Industrial zones and transport facilities are the most important factors regarding the increase.

  • Kayacehir

The projects guaranteed by the Turkish government are sold at affordable prices and payments plans are being implemented for low-income citizens.

  • Levent

In Levent, one of the most important business and lifestyle centers in Istanbul, home sales prices continue to rise.

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