Real Estate sector in Turkey


Real Estate sector in Turkey

In a country where the real estate sector is growing, the growth rate of the sub-sectors also increases. This is due to the fact that it is not a stand-alone area but also gives vitality to the other sectors. Although the real estate sector, which is one of the largest sectors in terms of employment capacity, is based on housing construction, the development of its sub branches is growing accordingly. Turkey is among the leading countries in which serious steps were taken in the production of housing projects in the last fifteen years. Both the idea of investing and the provision of citizenship began to be popular with many countries around the world. According to the reports of research companies; The increase in the real estate sector in Turkey, along with 250 sub-sectors contributing to the revival. This is an important detail that shows that the sector contributes significantly to the national economy.

Why is the real estate sector so important?

There are some important reasons why many people wants to invest housing projects. The real estate sector, which is preferred by those who want to contribute to the growth of the country’s economy and to be a brand name in the field of employment, is an important investment tool in terms of both earnings and economic balances. When all of these features and privileges comes together, serious growth of the real estate sector is becoming an expected return for Turkey. The housing projects show up with more modern structures day by day, the realization of different projects according to the increasing demands, has a serious share in the mobility of the economy.

The best decision in investment is Real Estate

From the beginning of the times when the real estate sector started to make serious strides in our country, serious changes started to occur in many areas until today. As we mentioned above; Making such a progress in a field does not only affect the current sector but also a growth is taking place by including the sectors in the sub-group and all other sectors accordingly. Recently, a high level of access for the real estate sector in Turkey also need to be read and evaluated in this way. It is necessary to admit that the exact reason for the division of the business areas to a wider range, the decrease in the unemployment rate and the employment of foreigners depends on the rapid advances in the real estate sector. That’s why the most correct decision in investment is said to be “real estate”.

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