Istanbul Restaurants

Istanbul Restaurants

Istanbul Restaurants

Take a look at Istanbul!

Istanbul has a population of over than 16 million people. When you add tourists and people from different countries and cultures living in Istanbul, a culture rich in its food appears. Therefore, it can be said that Istanbul has an international cuisine in terms of a variety of restaurants.

Istanbul, one of the most famous international cities filled with tourists, is a city with a great culture of cooking and has Turkish mood as a  world-famous. Anyone who comes to Istanbul and lives in this city, whether local or foreign, tries to keep the local tastes as long as possible.

For example, cooking tastes differ from each other in different regions such as the Black Sea, the Aegean, Central Anatolia, Eastern Anatolia and the Mediterranean. However, the nutritional tastes of these different people who emigrated to Istanbul in time contributed to the development of restaurants offering different tastes in Istanbul.

Beyoglu (Istanbul)

Istanbul restaurants offer international combination!

In fact, both domestic and foreign tourists, as well as citizens from different countries living in Istanbul, have made significant contributions to increase the diversity of restaurants in the city. The method of cooking, the materials used in the kitchen, or the techniques of cooking food with spices vary by region and country.

The restaurant’s chefs are very popular, especially those who discover different flavors from a traditional meal with partial touches. Most people are looking for different tastes, especially in food, as in all areas of life. In this sense, international taste attracts as much attention in our country as in every country. When this is the case, restaurants serving these diverse customers according to the cultural diversity available.

Great Istanbul dining options!

فطور تركي على البوسفور
Turkish breakfast on the Bosphorus

Istanbul restaurants, find out the best restaurants in Istanbul

Turkish breakfast on the Bosphorus

When you want to dine with your family at a restaurant, or when you have an outside guest or friend, your food preferences will be different. even if you want to have breakfast on the weekends, you should make different choices such as classic breakfast and delicious local dishes. Istanbul, rich in delicious spices, has combined this privilege with restaurant spaces and quality of service.

Many restaurants across Istanbul make a difference in their location and landscapes, as well as delicious international food and quality of service. The quality of food in the restaurant is as important as providing service. Bosphorus restaurants, Marmara Sea Views, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Grand Mosque and Blue Mosque are very popular in restaurants. And you have the opportunity to enjoy different tastes or your favorite tastes in the restaurant you want in Istanbul.

Istanbul Weather

Istanbul restaurants, find out the best restaurants in Istanbul

Best Istanbul restaurants

أفضل مطاعم اسطنبول
Best Resturants

Istanbul, a city with a rich and diversity of restaurants. This is due to the diversity of its 16 million people living in it. It is the result of both people from different regions and people from many different countries and cultures living together in Istanbul. In this sense, Istanbul’s restaurants are characterized by Ottoman, Mediterranean, European, Middle Eastern and Eastern dishes, dieters, vegetarians, halal dishes and food.

These restaurants, which offer a variety of different dishes, can be reached through bookings or online booking.

Here are a few restaurants where you can taste delicious food against the magnificent views of Istanbul:

  • Markus Tavern-Bar- Pub,
  • Kat Restaurant ve Cafe Bar -Akdeniz Mutfağı ve Türk Mutfağı.
  • Byzantion Bistro – Biftek Restoranı ve Deniz Ürünleri.
  • Çatı Mezze 360 ​​- Akdeniz ve Avrupa Mutfağı.
  • Beso Restaurant Bistro -Biftek Restoranı ve Barbekü Mutfağı.
  • Şirvan Sofrası – Akdeniz Mutfağıve Türk Mutfağı.
  • Zeferan Restaurant – Azerbaycan ve Uluslararası Mutfağı.
  • N Teras – Türk Mutfağı.
  • Mr Cook Cafe ve Restaurant-Türk Mutfağı.
  • Magnaura Kafe ve Restoran – Akdeniz ve Avrupa Mutfağı.
  • Babel Cafe Restaurant-Orta Doğu, Akdeniz Mutfağı
  • Deraliye Osmanlı Saray Mutfağı Restoranı-Türk, Füzyon
  • Şans Restoranı-Akdeniz, Avrupa Mutfağı
  • Tria Elegance Restoranı- Avrupalı, Türk Mutfağı.
  • Limon ağacı ile meze – Akdeniz, Avrupa Mutfağı.
  • Tarihi Çeşme-Akdeniz, Türk Mutfağı.
  • Şerbethane Cafe ve Restaurant-Akdeniz Mutfağı.
  • Matbah Osmanlı Saray Mutfağı-Türk, Ortadoğu Mutfağı.
  • Yarımada Restaurant İstanbul-Avrupalı ​​ve Türk Mutfağı.
  • Le Safran restoranı-Akdeniz, Barbekü Mutfağı.
  • Neolokal-Akdeniz ve Avrupa Mutfağı.
  • Eski Şehir Bahçesi – Deniz Ürünleri, Uluslararası Mutfak.
  • Nusr-Et, Biftek Restoranı ve Barbekü Mutfağı.
  • Boğaziçi Izgara – Çırağan Sarayı, Türk, Akdeniz Mutfağı.
  • Frankie Istanbul – Uluslararası, Akdeniz Mutfağı.
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