How will the deed fees initiated in 2019? Here’s what you need to know about deed fees in 2019

How will the deed fees initiated in 2019? Here’s what you need to know about deed fees in 2019

In 2019, one of the important subjects is to pay the title deed. So how much was the title deed fee in real estate transactions in 2019? How is the title deed calculated?

How will the deed fees initiated in 2019? Here’s what you need to know about deed fees in 2019

  • Deed fees are calculated on the transfer and acquisition price of real estates and acquisitions, not less than the value of real estate tax.
  • The real estate tax value is defined as the tax value determined according to Article 29 of the Law on Real Estate Law No. 1319.
  • The title deed fee is calculated as 20 per thousand for the transfer and transfer area. So the title deed is paid separately by both the buyer and the seller.
  • As an important information; In 2018, a discount was made to the deed fees. The title deed was reduced from 15 per thousand to 15 per thousand for housing and work places and ended on 31 December 2018.
  • Title deed fees are annually announced by the General Communiqué on Fees Law. The title deed fee rates to be applied in 2019 were published in the Official Gazette and it was announced that 20% of the fee will be charged for the transfer of real estates. In addition, the Treasury and the Ministry of Finance for the real estate and businesses last year, applied for a further 3 months, the reduction of the title deed will be extended. By the end of March, households will be able to buy their title deeds by not paying 20% ​​per thousand.
  • 20 thousand TL including 10 thousand TL buyer and 10 thousand TL seller, for example, with a share of 20 thousand TL; TL 400 thousand worth of a real estate worth TL 8 thousand buyers and 8 thousand TL to be a total of TL 16 thousand must be paid.
  • over 15 per thousand; 7 thousand 500 TL of a house worth 500 thousand TL, 7 thousand 500 TL, including the seller of 15 thousand TL; TL6 thousand worth of a real estate in the amount of TL 6 thousand buyers and TL 6 thousand to be a total of TL 12 thousand must be paid.
  • If the transaction is realized outside the city where the real estate is located, the transaction can be made by going to the nearest deed office.

Where are the title deeds paid?

  • Deed fees are paid to the tax office of the region where the deed is carried out. It can also be collected by relevant institutions such as banks authorized by the Ministry of Finance.
  • E-collection application has been started in the land registry offices. Thus, accrual, collection and control can be done in electronic environment via bank branches, ATMs and Video Processing Centers including branch offices in different cities.

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