Hot spots to invest in Turkey

Hot spots to invest in Turkey

When an investor wants to invest by buying real estate in Turkey, profits are dependent on a number of conditions. To make a successful investment and therefore earn a lot, investor needs to observe and adhere to the standards required by his or her investments. Most important stuff that investors should be mindful of while investing in real estate industry are as follows:

  • Location
  • Construction and realtor companies
  • Territory
  • Transportation

Location: Location of your estate is one of the most important factors when you are deciding to buy one. Being close to the governmental facilities, schools, places of social integration and activities such as theatres, cinemas etc. can raise the price of an estate several folds. Being in close proximity to hospitals and shopping malls, city centre is also important. While being far away from industrial areas, sewage treatment or trash processing facilities are also a must. The key is that the area of the estate should create the best environment for life or should have the potential of becoming the best environment possible. When the area your estate is in expands and develops, value of the area also rises and this is reflected directly on the value of your real estate. By this logic, investors can buy real estates in not yet developed areas cheaply and wait for the area to progress. In a couple of years as the area develops, investors instantly gain more from their estate. Real estate in the area can be sold for lots more than the buying price. The more the investor waits, higher the selling price climbs therefore profits also get higher.

Companies: Choosing the right company for construction or buying a building from is a huge step for a successful investment. Companies credible for their long standing success with a stream of completed projects are hard to come by. Companies that have become a household name on these sectors are even rarer. But you should always choose a known, credible and famous company for your real estate transaction. While buying from unknown companies can seem more lucrative, there are lots of risks and dangers. Some of which are, foreclosure of the company or misinformation. Both are deadly in the path of a successful investment. Long-standing companies choose the best options for investors according to their plentiful past experiences so the chance of your investment being a success is far higher than the alternative. These companies are known for doing their best to earn their customers more by intensive research and always being in touch with their customers for the best service experience.

Territory: The size of your property is also important. Small or middle sized estates are cheaper so they are favourites among investors. While properties with a big size can bring more gain in the long run, they can be hard to acquire and hard to sell afterwards. Small and middle sized estates are affordable for more people therefore investors have a higher chance of cash-in on their investments when they feel the time is right. Small estates are the best choice for investors. They allow more in-depth investing and customization because of their cheap prices.

Transportation: For people living in an estate one of the most important thing is having a safe, fast and comfortable transportation to their workplace, school, hospitals, points of interests etc. So investing in an estate with lots of methods of transportation being available in its area is a definite plus. This is especially so in big cities or metropolises. İnvesting in buildings while there are only plans for public transportation to be built in vicinity can be the most lucrative way for an investor to profit.

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