A few years can host 100 thousand Iranians in Turkey!

A few years can host 100 thousand Iranians in Turkey!

A few years can host 100 thousand Iranians in Turkey!

The new year started quickly and the first 3 months 9 thousand 618 home sales reached a share of the growing foreign Iranians every month.

Iranians, Iraqis who ranked second after considering the nationality of the owner of housing foreigners in Turkey, and has a leading position in citizenship.

“The Iranians, diverted to Turkey”

Lowering the limit to reach about 250 thousand dollars for gaining citizenship, it increased the interest by foreigners in buying properties in Turkey.

The share of Iranians in housing sales to foreigners, which started and reached 9,618 units in the first 3 months, is rising every month. Iran’s increasing attention towards Turkey is the host in different regions of the country. In the first quarter of the year, according to the nationality of the country, the sale of housing to foreigners examined 781 Iraqi sales, while the Iranians received 946 houses.

Collaboration bringing housing projects together with Gulf investors

Iranian customers increased, asking for citizenship and consultancy services in all areas, citizenship to foreigners began for foriegners costing $ 1 million in January 2017 September 18, 2018 as the 250-lowering thousand dollars, increased Iranians desire to buy in Turkey.

taking the matter to the Iranians wishing to obtain citizenship from Turkey, Çayabat stated that they do not provide all kinds of consulting services, “Iranian citizenship among the traditionally prefer the US, Canada and EU countries was first place for them. The emergence of the issue of Syria, millions do not want to migrate to Europe and the US President, Donald Trump’s policies against immigrants applied after coming to deal with the Iranians, has caused direction to turn to Turkey. “He said.

not Çayabat, Iran embargo after introversion policies implemented, export and import bans and around the country with its problems, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and the closure of about 75 thousand Iranian companies located in the Gulf countries such as Oman and the direction of these companies led to turn Turkey he said.

Stating that war rumors and military movements triggered sudden increases in the foreign exchange market, they also started to cause uneasiness about the political future. Çayabatmaz stated that the deepening and broadening of the embargo, the continuation of Iranian currency depreciation and war rumors; the uncertainty of being overwhelmed by the Iranians stressed that factors that increase their purchasing demands toward Turkey.

A few years can host 50-100 thousand Iranians in Turkey!

Çayabat, “Necessary presentations and promotions with the right information to take home from 50-100 thousand Iranians in Turkey within a few years if not a remote possibility.” he said.

In January 2017, with the possibility of being a host and a citizen for $ 1 million by law after September 2018, 58 people from 19 countries took the citizenship of the transfer last year, said the amount in September 2018 after the reduction of 250 thousand dollars until February 2019 In the last 5.5 months, 276 people from 63 countries received citizenship and 289 of the citizenship areas reported to be Iranian.

Fatih Çayabatmaz, said the following:

“A number of Iranians in Turkey to evaluate what they see as a safe for their money, some want to get citizenship in Turkey to benefit from the advantages of Turkish citizenship in trade due to the scope of Iran sanctions banking system. Some of them want to benefit from tourism services because Turkish passport has visa-free entry to 114 countries. After 2-3 years after the money invested alabiliyork citizenship in other countries, this is such a short time period of 2-3 months in Turkey … the absence of such demand, which increases the ease and advantages of Iranians in Turkey. ”

Turkey at this point stands out, a tax number from the tax office and the passport translated with the Iranians housing anywhere in Turkey, He said that he could buy a vehicle and easily start a company.

Osy Sociocultural closeness between the two countries has a great impact on these demands ”

VIP Turkish Pass Managing Partner Çayabatmaz stressed that socio-cultural proximity between the two countries had a great impact on these demands.

Istanbul, being the center of tourism and business attracts the Iranians more, both those who want to buy houses and establish business and import and export prefer Istanbul, stating that Antalya attracts attention for tourism and holidays, Çayabatmaz said made the following evaluations:

“Recently, cities such as Bursa and Trabzon came to the fore. There is a considerable demand from the Iranians. The fact that Bursa is green and resembles the northern part of Iran makes this place preferable. Trabzon’s climate and sea, the Iranians in Turkey are leading at this side. ”

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