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sapanca saraylari sakarya RG-3000
Price $605,000

Elite Villa Project Overlooking Spectacular Sapanca Lake - Rg-3000

guaranteed investment in students residence RG-112
Price $59,000

Guaranteed Investment In Students Residence - Rg-112

Things to Consider While Buying Property in Sakarya

Sakarya, historically known as Adapazari, is a city in northwestern Turkey, close to the Black Sea’s shore and Istanbul. In the 14th century, the city was dominated by the Ottomans, and by the end of the 18th century, the name of the city was changed to Sakarya. The city is regarded as one of Turkey’s greatest agricultural and industrial centers.

Additionally, the city is well-known among tourists due to its unique natural beauty, particularly in the Sapanca region. Another feature that distinguishes Sakarya is the city’s economic activity, particularly in the agricultural sector, as well as historical monuments from the Ottoman Empire, a large green area, and pleasant summer weather, all of which come together to create Sakarya a city to remember.

In Sakarya, there are many topics to consider while buying a property.

  • Choosing a consultant: If you want to acquire a property like this, make sure the individuals and real estate firms you work with our professional and trustworthy, so they can help you avoid any traps and save money. Actually, some people believe that not dealing with a real estate company will save them money, but it may end up costing them more. However, by working with a competent real estate agent, you may skip the lengthy and stressful process of purchasing a home, as well as stay informed about all acquisition costs and save money.
  • Make your own Inspection tours: It’s important to choose the property that suits you, examines it closely, visit the location, and make two or even three tours until you feel satisfied with it.
  • Get some support: Dealing with a strong lawyer provides you with extra protection, the lawyer can check all legal paperwork and avoid every possible problem for the future, besides that it’s required to be such a person who can be looking after your interests solely.
  • Verify the Legal Procedures: Make sure all of the papers are in order, notably the Title Deed (tapu). Your lawyer, Real Estate Agent, and the seller will prepare a contract that clearly states all of the sale’s terms. This should be as specific as possible, with payment dates clearly defined and any penalties for anyone who does not follow the contract put down and agreed upon. This is the time to make your deposit.

The price range of property in Sakarya differs depending on the market values taking into consideration the location, view, quality of construction techniques and materials that are used, and available services. According to (Endeksa) statistical website, the annual average price for buying a house in Sakarya is around 362 640 Turkish lira (24.509 USD). Sakarya Province for sale residential average square meter unit price in November 2021 is 3022 TL (204 USD).

Similar concepts of construction and property projects in Sakarya can also be found in other provinces with metropolitan centers like Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, and Bursa.

How are the Prices of Properties in Sakarya Determined?

There is a lot of factors that could determine the pricing of property projects in Sakarya, and here are some of the most critical ones that directly relate to those figures:

  • Location: The price of a property is determined by its location. Thus the price goes up as the property gets closer to the city center. Aside from landmarks and tourism attractions, transportation hubs, and social amenities can affect the price. However as you move away from the city center and toward suburban areas, the price starts to go down, not to mention that the price goes up for Sea view and landscape properties.
  • The location of the property in construction: It’s possible that the property is located within a building or a residential complex. In general, lower-floor units in newer (5-10 years) buildings may become more expensive. Higher floors in newer structures, on the other hand, cost more, especially if they have spectacular views. Property values in Sakarya are influenced by factors such as well-ventilated and illuminated units.
  • Property type: Some areas have a high buyer demand, and some areas sell more in-complex apartments, while others offer more luxury villas with coastline views, all of which are built to be serviced with comfort and luxury standards.
  • The architectural design of the property: The property’s vivid and modern design, as well as the quality of the building (techniques and materials), might have an impact on the pricing. The interior design and location of the property play a significant role in the evaluating process.
  • Investment Returns: Price determination is influenced by the potential of expected financial returns, particularly in places near the city center, tourist resorts, and the seashore.
  • Property Age: Due to a variety of factors, it is well recognized that the newer the property is, the more it tends toward the upper end of the pricing range around the world.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Property in Sakarya?

Sakarya is a well-known tourist destination in Turkey. Sakarya offers a unique mix of social, cultural, and economic factors that enable people of various backgrounds to own their own homes, as well as profit from rental investments or other options. However, more advantages are listed as follows:

  • Location Advantages: Sakarya has always been a popular destination for many people, particularly locals, due to its beautiful scenery, proximity to major cities such as Istanbul and Kocaeli, and strategic placement on the Istanbul-Ankara Highway. In recent years, it has become one of the most popular destinations for foreign visitors, who can enjoy a relaxing weekend on the beautiful Sapanca Lake, as well as financial opportunities that motivate investors to purchase property in the city. According to 2016 statistics, the city was acknowledged both locally and globally as one of the greatest locations to live in Turkey, with the best housing index.
  • Natural Beauties: The Sapanca area might make you feel as if you’re in heaven, away from anything that’s bothering you. Every year, more people come to see Sapanca Lake and the beautiful landscape that surrounds it, just to feel what it’s like. The area’s boutique hotels, as well as deluxe thermal hotels, provide a healthful and relaxing experience with the subterranean mineral springs. The demand for high-end and luxury residences has risen dramatically in recent years, and the region caters to those who wish to live in the center of nature while still being close to major cities like Istanbul.
  • Economic Aspects: Sakarya’s attitude is to sign cooperation agreements in order to enhance and develop Sakarya’s exports and reach target markets both locally and internationally. The Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry has developed a number of programs and strategies in order to expand exports and draw attention to the city’s exports through regular ship departures to Ukraine’s Karasu port and Chornomosk port, which has just begun to service actively.
  • Metropolitan privileges: The multi-dimensional transportation channels (Bus, suburban, subway, ferry services, and boats) and high-quality infrastructural facilities are among the other elements that encourage the decision to acquire a home in Sakarya. In addition, the location is convenient to a variety of public services, including healthcare and educational institutions, entertainment and amusement parks, as well as local retail complexes and worldwide brand stores.
  • Stable Living Expenses: Sakarya, as compared to other prominent cities in Europe or even Turkey, provides the same level of luxury and modern living experiences at a lower cost. There are numerous living options available, particularly for foreign residents who can take advantage of the favorable exchange rates between the US Dollar and the Euro.

What are the Features of Property Located in Sakarya?

Sakarya has established itself in Turkey’s real estate markets. It can provide you with a variety of options, such as real estate investment or owning your ideal home. The majority of sales and rental investments are made in the city’s most desirable areas, based on the features that the city has to offer, such as:

  • The general areas of properties: Sakarya’s property projects are unique in that the available residential apartments have a wide range of alternatives. From standard-size studio apartments to mega luxury villas with complete private facilities, there is something for everyone. This has a good impact on the population by providing a location with a variety of financial and social capacity options. By assessing the surrounding area, property features, location, and other aspects. In major housing complexes in Sakarya, a property’s size is around (120 m2).
  • The property views: The property’s view is an essential asset in Sakarya’s market. It could have a significant impact on the unit’s market value. Since the city distinguishes itself in luxury living, projects with sea and city views are always in high demand. Villas with direct access to private beaches or beautiful green forest landscapes, as well as penthouses with views of shimmering city lights, are among the options.
  • The quality of life: Sakarya may readily fit everyone due to its diverse geographical shapes, diverse social life, and flexible living cost patterns. The entire city is provided with social, medical, and educational services, as well as robust transit networks that connect the entire city, thanks to the ancient urban fabric, charming neighborhoods, and new rising centers of residential suburbia.

What are the Reasons to Buy Property in Sakarya?

Sakarya has been one of the most popular destinations for both local and international property buyers, according to numerous real estate investment statistics. Many factors contribute to this city’s popularity as a leader in Turkey’s housing initiatives, including:

  • Continuous Transformational development: Many projects and plans for various purposes begin all over Sakarya city. For example, constructing and developing metropolitan infrastructure, providing new transit facilities that make it easier to get to the sea and other exciting places. These connect increasing suburban neighborhoods to major retail and nightlife districts within the city, while also allowing you to appreciate the serene and tranquil environment of the Sapanca area.
  • The potentiality of economic growth: A number of facts point to the idea that now is the best moment to invest in this sector, particularly for property investors. Sakarya wants to expand its trade with European countries after surviving the underlying worldwide financial issues.
  • Profitable sales: It is an issue that only investors and real estate professionals should be concerned about, but it’s still a distinctive feature that has grown in prominence as a result of Sakarya’s attractiveness features. Keeping a home for more than six years will also save you money on capital gains tax, which is good news for anyone looking to buy property in Sakarya. There’s never been a better moment to buy because of the increasing market, coupled with the incentives to buy and the Turkish government’s present goals to raise national per capita income to be more in line with Europe.
  • Business, heritage, and tourism: If you seek to benefit from the profitable business opportunities of the dynamic trade markets in Sakarya, you do not have to rent your house. Sakarya with its natural element, aided by the rapidly evolving initiatives planned for this city’s future and the potential growth predictions, the investors will see their real estate increase in the short and long term.

What is the Material of the Properties in Sakarya?

The construction materials of the properties in Sakarya are listed below:

  • Gypsum: It is a substance formed by pulverizing gypsum stone. It is used as heating resistant, moisture preserving, sound-absorbing, and fireproofing material. besides using it in building decorative material, ceiling, and partition projects.
  • Paint: Paints Used for both, interior and exterior walls, have unlimited color options and content features with today’s technology they could be used for coating wood, metal, windows, doors, and floors.
  • Glass: Glass, made by mixing silica sand with potash melting, is most typically used as transparent glazing material in the building envelope, including windows and internal decoration.
  • Cement: is a substance used for binding and hardening other materials, Cement can be mixed with a fine aggregate and water to produce mortar used in masonry construction as a bedding and adhesive to bind and fill the gaps between adjacent blocks of brick, concrete, or stone.
  • Iron – Steel: It is among the structural components of buildings. It is put into the concrete to prevent slipping in reinforced concrete structures. It’s also used for creating sold Interior and external security doors.
  • Natural Stones: the most well-known natural stones for construction are granite, marble, sandstone, porphyry, basalt, clay-slate, and limestone. These materials differ greatly in terms of their technical characteristics such as water absorption, compression strength, heat storage capacity, or frost resistance.
  • Gas Concrete: Gas concrete blocks are a modern wall construction material. It is an artificial porous stone, combining high strength and lightweight. It is absolutely environment friendly and allows building reliable and long-life building.
  • Ready-Mixed Concrete: It is a building material that takes the shape of the desired mold by mixing water and cement. It has high compressive strength and is very durable.
  • Heating, Cooling, Ventilation: which can be used in buildings to Maintain internal air quality, regulate internal temperatures, and regulate internal humidity.
  • Roof: The roof, made of wood, steel, and reinforced concrete, is used to protect the upper parts of the building from negative effects such as wind, snow, and rain.
  • Plastic and PVC: It is used in the construction industry in areas such as plastic flooring and plumbing, also in double-glazed PVC windows.
  • Brick and Tile: Bricks and tiles are closely related building materials formed from clay, mixed with sand and water to create a plastic, but resilient, material that will not crack when baked or burnt in the intense heat of the kiln.
  • Insulation Materials: Glass-wool, Rock-wool, EPS, and XPS insulation materials are used in areas such as thermal insulation, water insulation, sound insulation, and roof insulation.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is widely used in buildings because of its intrinsic properties of lightness and corrosion resistance. is also used in external facades, roofs, walls, windows and doors, staircases, railings, shelves, and other several applications.
  • Elevator: With the development of the construction sector, it is available in all-new generation apartments. It has become an industry in its field.
  • Lighting: The term ‘lighting’ refers to equipment, the primary purpose of which, is to produce light. This is typically some form of a lamp, but also refer to the use of natural light to provide illumination
  • Wood: Wood could be used in walls, ceilings, and floors or to make more of the inner structures to the frame of hardwoods, such as doors and window frames.

What are the Property Options in Sakarya?

The property options in Sakarya are as follows.

  • Apartments and flats could be within fully serviced housing compounds, or stand-alone towers as well as independent residential buildings. Those units range in levels of quality and facilitation.
  • Detached Villas and Luxury properties around Sapanca Lake. With views over the Sapanca Lake, city lights, wide green spaces, lakes, or direct access to the beach. Those properties are designed with high-end luxury aspects. First-class finishing, inclusive facilities, and top-quality decorations.
  • Among the prominent property possibilities in Sakarya are farmland, farms, shops, commercial offices, and stores.

Who is Suitable for Owning a Property in Sakarya?

The following groups of people who prefer Sakarya for purchasing real estate that can be categorized into:

  • Real Estate Investors: Sakarya is gradually earning the reputation of being a great investment choice in the real estate market. Thanks to the promising local economy, sophisticated modern construction projects, and the variant range of prices that conform to everybody’s budget.
  • Business People: With the variety of job opportunities and fertile grounds suitable for small, medium, and large size business projects Sakarya offers a good solid work ground.
  • People looking for a balanced lifestyle: With the combination of beautiful nature, lovely weather, adaptable living finance, and decent social standards, most of the families choose Sakarya as their new address of the residence where they do not have to compromise quality living standards in the account of financial aspects.
  • Luxury and Retirement Resort Seekers: Sakarya hosts many real estate projects that satisfy all tastes. You can enjoy a luxurious life and spend quality time with your loved ones.
  • People who seek for being Turkish citizens: Foreigners from white-listed countries can seek Turkish citizenship after meeting specific criteria, according to Turkish civil law. Purchasing real estate in Turkey is one of the most common ways to meet the application’s stipulated conditions.

Are Properties Located in Sakarya Suitable for Who Wants to Be Turkey Citizen?

Yes, they are suitable for applying for Turkish citizenship. However, other financial considerations and ownership obligations should be taken into consideration, to be fully compliant with the current legal clauses of the application process. Turkish Citizenship is one of the most sophisticated titles across the globe since it offers plenty of advantages, such as:

  • Ability to visit more than 116 countries for Personal, more than 155 for Business passports visa-free. Besides the potentiality of including EU countries shortly
  • Besides owning such a prestigious passport, it provides the safety of guaranteed investment returns.
  • Quick Citizenship and Passport issuance process, down to 3 months only
  • Multi-nationally and Wealth disclosure-free authorizations
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Quality Education for the whole family
  • Pension system benefits
  • Safety, Democracy, and free life privileges of the Middle Eastern- European Turkey

What is the Advantage of Property Buyers in Sakarya?

The experience of living in Sakarya city can give you different feelings. The peaceful life of the city on so many levels leads to quite a large number of people gravitating towards moving there, to enjoy Sakarya life. Below are some advantages of property buyers in Sakarya:

  • The hub of culture and tourism: Sakarya had a number of well-known historical districts, but in Tarakli, the old houses provided an experience of living through the decades. The city’s moderate population, well-protected historical buildings, nature, organic local food and products, and all of these elements combine to make Tarakli unique in its own right. Aside from that, the wooden cottages surrounded by greenery, the presence of traditional Ottoman architecture from the 17th and 18th centuries such as Yunus Pasa Mosque, Haci Atif Inn, Hasim Aga Mansion, and Hidir Dede Shrine, among others, are well-known historical structures worth seeing.
  • Rich History and sightseeing: Several areas in Sakarya, including the Hendek region, can sense the presence of the ancient spirit. The Hendek sight is a collection of Ottoman shrines such as Seyh Izzettin Ismail, Selman Dede, Erenler Dede, Keremali, Sari Dede, and Vahap Dede shrines, which are visited by thousands of tourists each year and are regarded a religious tourism destination.
  • Mild Climate: With walking pathways between the trees of paradise in Karagol, Yanik and Beykubet Highlands, and Dogancilar-Obrangik Hill, the city provides you with a variety of options for connecting your spirit with the natural elements. The city’s parks, lakes, and beaches, as well as the great food offered by the city, are dispersed around the city, including Karasu and Yenimahalle. Because of its position, the weather is defined by its delightful cold in the summer and its cold in the winter.
  • Safe life: Although Sakarya is known for being an average crowded and multicultural city in Turkey, it is considered one of the safest and expat-friendly spots in the area. Thanks to the reliable security systems and touristic nature of the city which requires extra organization and precautions.
  • Economy, Investment, and Business society: Taking into account the social, industrial, and geographical aspects, Sakarya expand its international relations, especially with the European side, and for that, the investor, and trader, job seekers, and business people rush to establish their offices in this profitable area.
  • Accessible Transportation and amenities: Sakarya, as an important city in Turkey, has a modern and high-quality network of transport systems utilizing possibilities at sea and on land connecting all the city facilities together.
  • Joint approach life quality: Sakarya has a wide range of options that can fit every type of living way. Accommodation and daily household expenditures including food, transportation, and utilities (water, gas, and electricity), are variables suitable for each family’s budget.

What are The Price Ranges of Properties Located in Sakarya?

According to real east market analysis, as per Sakarya’s neighborhoods, the average price of buying a property is shown in the table below:


Average Area

Average Price


130 m2

21.224 USD


126 m2

21.670 USD


130 m2

23.756 USD


85 m2

14.797 USD


165 m2

38.726 USD


196 m2

72.651 USD


100 m2

19.773 USD


130 m2

21.198 USD

Those ranges are not fixed figures. Underlying factors like foreign currency changes, seasonality, and urbanization plans may interfere to change the values.  The social standards of each spot, proximity to major life amenities, and transportation facilities also play an important role in the pricing levels.

What are The Payment Methods to Buy Properties in Sakarya? 

The payment plans and financial routines for buying a property in Sakarya are listed as follows:

  • Advanced down payments of corresponding installment plans: The amounts and time frames are usually changeable based on commercial formulas. Long-Term/Short-Term, as well as annual installments, are also among the used patterns.
  • One-time cash payments: Those types of financial terms are usually accompanied by competitive discounts. They are more applicable for affordable pricing modules.

What is Life like in Sakarya?

Sakarya is one of Turkey’s most beautiful and calm cities, and it can surely be an unforgettable journey for everyone. There are numerous sites in the city that can bind visitors to it and make them fall in love with it. Aside from its sandy beaches on the Black Sea, historical monuments, mineral waters, ancient cities, cafes, and other attractions, Sakarya features a plethora of natural green attractions. All of this is accompanied by burgeoning business opportunities, job offers, and well-thought-out educational plans. The many residential projects attempt to provide a wide range of alternatives and amenities, including location, views, designs, and price ranges.

What Are the Other Cities That Have Properties Similar to Sakarya?

We can name other cities in Turkey resembling the Sakarya experience like:

  • Istanbul: Istanbul‘s real estate market is the most active in Turkey, with major property and infrastructure developments being created on a daily basis.
  • Alanya: Between the cities of Antalya and Mersin, Alanya is one of the most beautiful and vibrant places in the southern Mediterranean region.
  • Antalya: The Turkish Mediterranean beach capital is Antalya. Due to its diverse topography, bustling economy, and seaside vistas, Antalya’s real estate market has transformed it into one of the most fascinating cities in the Mediterranean.
  • Bursa: Bursa, formerly Prusa City, is a Turkish city in northwest Turkey. The city’s appeal has grown in the Turkish and international real estate markets.
  • Izmir: After Istanbul and Ankara, Izmir, the “Pearl of the Aegean,” is the third-largest city in terms of population. If you’re thinking about buying a home in Izmir, you’ll be able to enjoy your social life while also furthering your career in such an investment environment.
  • Bodrum: When requirements such as having a decent life by settling for a long time and having investment profitability are considered, Bodrum, in western Turkey, is a vital and ideal location for international real estate buyers.
  • Mersin: Mersin is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations, and ex-pats are flocking to live there. The appeal of the city has spread throughout the real estate market, especially in the last ten years.

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