Deluxe Flats Complex with Turkish Citizenship Privileges – Rg-7007

Starting From: $137,938
  • 24/7 Security Systems
  • BBQ Area
  • City View
  • Fitness and GYM
  • Fully fitted kitchen
  • Garden
  • Generator
  • Green Views
  • Kids Play Ground
  • Landscape
  • Reception
  • Swimming Pool
  • Terraces
  • Turkish Citizenship
  • University
  • Walking Tracks

What is the Deluxe Flats Complex (RG-7007) in Mersin, Yenisehir?

This Deluxe Flats Complex (RG-7007) in the Yenisehir area, is one of the prestigious residential projects in Mersin nowadays. The standards of luxury mixed with spacious living areas and high-quality architecture are carefully adopted in every little detail of this brand-new development. Another special feature of this project is the proximity to major life amenities and public transportation. All of this comes with affordable prices in comparison to the provided privileges.

The complex includes (3+1) apartments with modern design styles. The properties also have private balconies, where you can enjoy the amazing mountain views and city panorama. The plans feature stylish bathrooms and modern kitchens as well. The price of the available units starts from (123.000 €)

Where is the Location of the Deluxe Flats Complex (RG-7007)?

Deluxe Flats Complex (RG-7007) is located in Yenisehir, Mersin. The location of the project is planned to benefit from proximity to the main roads, city center, public transportation, and vital amenities. This location attracts family concept purchases due to being nearby major life necessities and escaping far rides to get what you desire.

What are the Important Locations Near the Deluxe Flats Complex (RG-7007)?

The project has the privileges of being near major landmarks and amenities which includes (but are not limited to):

  • 9 km to the Sea
  • 100 m to the city center
  • 70 m to public transportation
  • 83 km to the airport
  • 100 m to supermarket
  • 20 m distance to the main road

The proximity to the city center, local amenities, and public transportation draw the attention of people who seek a life where all their needs are only a few meters away. 

What are the Features of the Deluxe Flats Complex (RG-7007)?

  • The project comprises 15-floor residential blocks
  • There are (3+1) apartments in the project, with an overall area that equals (223 m²).
  • Each flat has (2) balconies, which provide a spectacular view over the mountains, and a city panorama to ensure healthy daily sun exposure.
  • The project also includes luxury social facilities like Swimming pools, Children’s playgrounds, and Parking.
  • The units also include (2) stylish bathrooms and open kitchen units with modern designs.
  • Top-quality standards, materials, and finishes are used in this project such as waterproof satin painted walls, high-quality PVC double-glazed windows, video intercom, household appliances: oven; stove; extractor hood, and high-quality stainless steel entrance door.

What are the Reasons to Buy Property in the Deluxe Flats Complex (RG-7007)?

  • The project is suitable for obtaining Turkish Citizenship.
  • The spectacular mountain views over Yenisehir’s captivating landscapes.
  • The special location near public transportation and luxury facilities offers investment opportunities with long-term profitable returns.
  • Luxury social facilities like swimming pools, a Gym, security systems, and walking tracks.
  • The high quality of material used during all construction phases increase its value in the real estate market
  • The offered Discounts for cash payments yield attractive financial options

For Whom is the Deluxe Flats Complex (RG-7007) Suitable for Purchase?

  • This project is suitable for medium-large size families, due to the availability of attentively designed residential units that come with sufficient facilities and social spaces. Moreover, the proximity to transportation hubs, adds further attraction factors to this category of homeowners.
  • Businessmen, investors, and anyone searching for a great investment opportunity that offers to obtain the Turkish Citizenship privileges

Is Project RG-7007 Suitable For Families with Children? 

Yes, the dynamic location of the project with proximity to the city center, public transportation, and local amenities allowed this project to be the best choice for families. As well as the peaceful living environment, available social facilities, swimming pools, walking tracks and playgrounds. 

Is Project RG-7007 Suitable For Single People?

No! unfortunately, it isn’t, since it includes spacious (3+1) apartments that would be oversized for such a category. However, if purchasing the property is for financial aspects, we can say that this is a great investment opportunity with suitable prices and profitable returns. 

Is Project RG-7007 Suitable For Who Wants to Be Turkey Citizen?

Yes, this housing project is suitable for obtaining Turkish Citizenship which has the benefits of:

  • Ability to visit more than 116 countries for Personal, more than 155 for Business passports visa-free. Besides the potentiality of including EU countries shortly
  • Besides owning such a prestigious passport, it provides safety of guaranteed investment returns
  • Quick Citizenship and Passport issuance process, down to 3 months only
  • Multi-nationally and Wealth disclosure-free authorizations
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Quality Education for the whole family
  • Pension system benefits
  • Safety, Democracy, and free life privileges of the Middle Eastern- European Turkey

What Kind of Services does the Deluxe Flats Complex (RG-7007) Provide?

The project features top-quality social and services facilities such as:

  • Walking Tracks
  • Landscapes
  • 24/7 Security System
  •  Video surveillance
  • Outdoor Adult/Children Swimming Pool
  • Reception
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Children’s playground
  • Generator
  • Fitness Gym
  • Automatic Garden Irrigation

What are the Price Ranges of the Deluxe Flats Complex (RG-7007)?

The project also offers versatile pricing ranges for the available units as shown below:

[table id=710 /]

The outlined price ranges correspond to property features, location, area, and other applicable factors.

What are The Payment Methods of the Deluxe Flats Complex (RG-7007)?

The project offers competitive payment plans which offer attractive discounts for cash payments.

What is Life Like in the Deluxe Flats Complex (RG-7007)?

The strategic location of the project nearby main roads, shopping centers, and public transportation, attract families who seek to live at a spot where all necessities are accessible whenever needed. The modern architecture, spacious living spaces, and available on-site facilities carry you to a new lifestyle where you can experience the pleasure you always dreamed of. The wide panoramic view of the city provides relaxing scenery from your balcony while you are having your favorite drinks with your loved ones.

What are Other Projects that offer to obtain Turkish Citizenship like the Deluxe Flats Complex (RG-7007)?

We can mention other projects similar to the Deluxe Flats Complex (RG-7007) like:

  1.  Sea View Apartment Residence (RG-7000) 
  2. This Luxury Flats Residence (RG-7001)
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