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Brand new complex in mersin with luxury facilities RG-7005
Price $56,667

Brand New Complex in Mersin With Luxury Facilities – Rg-7005

Sea view apartments in Mersin nearby tece beaches RG-7000
Price $38,916

Sea View Apartments in Mersin Nearby Tece Beaches – Rg-7000

Things to Consider While Buying Property in Tece

Tece is a neighborhood of the Mezitli district of Mersin Province, Turkey. The neighborhood is located 21 kilometers from the city center of Mersin. In the neighborhood of Tece, a small and quiet coastal town, indigenous Mersin people and people with summer houses live. The neighborhood is a very small and quiet settlement with a population of about 1500 people. The neighborhood is hot and sunny most of the year. To the east of the neighborhood is the center of the Mezitli district, to the west is the Kargipinari neighborhood, and to the south is the Mediterranean Sea. The neighborhood has a beach. In terms of social activities, there are Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, and hotels in the district. There are basic services such as ATMs, chain markets, mosques, schools, and a pharmacy in the neighborhood. Multiple bus lines will provide transportation to and from the district.

What are the Price Ranges of Properties Located in Tece?

The average house prices in Tece are listed below.

  • The average price of housing units in the district is $ 1000 per m2.
  • The price of an average house (100m2) is 100.000 dollars.
  • Min Max unit price: 258 USD – 1475 USD
  • Average gross area (m2): 100

How are the Prices of Properties in Tece Determined?

Real estate prices in Tece district vary depending on what type of housing is (summer house, daily apartment, shop, villa), the proximity of houses to the sea, services close to houses, size of houses (m2), number of rooms, views, distance to the district center and quality of materials from which houses are made.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Property in Tece?

The benefits of buying property in Mersin Tece are stated below.

  • Turkish citizenship and residence permit: Housing investment in the region allows obtaining Turkish citizenship and residence permit. A housing investment worth at least $ 250,000 allows foreign residents to obtain a residence permit and Turkish citizenship.
  • Value for Money: Tourism regions are in great demand in Turkey, so they are valuable. Tourism is one of the sectors that is developing every year in the country. The Tece neighborhood is also home to many holiday sites.
  • Living costs: Although it is one of the holiday destinations, the living costs in the neighborhood are very affordable.
  • Return to İnvestment: Renting houses in such areas is a good profit option. The return is high because the area is touristic. Home investment in the neighborhood can bring good profits to the investor.

What are the Features of Properties Located in Tece?

You can find a list below of the property features in Tece.

  • High-quality materials.
  • Balconies
  • Shops
  • Car park
  • Children park
  • Beautiful views

What are the Reasons to Buy Property in Tece?

The reasons for buying a house in the Tece district are listed below.

  • Turkish citizenship
  • Hotels, shops, and restaurants
  • Services available in the region
  • Amazing beaches
  • Rental profit
  • Affordable living costs

What are the Property Types and Options in Tece?

Property types and options in Tece can be found below.

  • 1+1.2+1,3+1,4+1,4+2,5+1,5+2,6+1,6+2 flats and dublex apartment options.
  • Commercial types
  • Villas with private balconies and gardens.

Who are the Properties in Tece Suitable For?

Tece is suitable for people who love warm and sunny weather and want to live a quiet life in Mersin. The neighborhood is suitable for both resort and daily life. Especially families with children can live more comfortably in the neighborhood. There are plenty of children’s parks and services for children in the neighborhood. Since the neighborhood is located on the Mediterranean coast, it is also ideal for retirees who want to live a summer home life. And it is a nice option for people who want to swim in cool waters in the summer. In addition, the coastline therefore the neighborhood, can be the reason for the preference of people of all ages and all kids who want to live close to the sea.

What are the Living Standards Like in Tece?

The neighborhood is a resort district with a sparsely populated settled life. But even though it is a resort town, the costs of living in the neighborhood are very affordable. There are also individual and state institutions that will meet all the basic needs of people in the district to which the neighborhood is connected.

What are the Other Counties That Have Properties Similar to Tece?

  • Erdemli: Erdemli district, located in the Mediterranean region, is part of the province of Mersin. Erdemli is one of the most potential districts of Mersin for development. In the east of the district is the district center of Mersin, in the west is the district of Silifke, which is connected to Mersin, in the north is the city of Karaman and in the south is the Mediterranean coast. Erdemli District is located about 35 kilometers from the city center of Mersin. The district has a rather rich history, tourist areas, and numerous natural beauties. One of the largest economic sectors is agriculture. Many fruits, tropical fruits, and various vegetables grow in the district. Multiple bus lines will provide transportation inside and outside the district. The Sorgun Creek flows through the district.
  • Silifke: Silifke district is a district of Mersin, Turkey. Silifke is located 85 kilometers from the city center of Mersin. Erdemli is located in the west of the district, Gulnar is located in the east, Mut is located in the north and the Mediterranean Sea is located in the south. About 120,000 people live in the district. The district is sunny and warm most of the year. One of the largest economic sectors is agriculture. The district has the Goksu river and Akgol. The district also has many historical artifacts. Multiple bus lines will provide transportation to the district.
  • Mezitli: Mezitli is one of the most populous districts of Mersin. The district is also one of the most important and most developed tourism points of Mersin. The district is sunny and warm most of the year. Mezitli district has Tece and Taskiran beaches. The distance of the district to the city center of Mersin is about 11 kilometers. To the west of Mezitli district is Erdemli district, to the east is Yenisehir district, to the north is Toroslar district and to the south is the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The main campus of Mersin University is located on the borders of the district. The population of the district is mostly composed of local people and students. Multiple bus lines will provide transportation to the neighborhood.

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