Asem Loft Residence Modern Property Project in Izmir - Rg-2000

Starting From: $49,173
  • 24/7 Security Systems
  • City View
  • Commercial Units
  • Fitness and GYM
  • Fully fitted kitchen
  • Kids Play Ground
  • Landscape
  • Parking
  • Reception
  • Shops
  • Swimming Pool
  • Terraces

What is Property Project Asem Loft Residence (RG-2000) in Izmır, Buca?

The Asem Loft Residence (RG-2000) in Izmir is designed as a modern project, where vertical architecture aligns with the surrounding environment and creates comfortable living spaces for all residents. Located in the heart of the Buca district, the project offers easy access to everything as well as high-quality standards. Asem Loft Project offers the desired quality in every detail, where aesthetic, peaceful living, and comfort is the main priority.

The project comprises (1+1) residential units with various designs, and carefully outlined living spaces, providing the maximum amount of daylight with large window designs to make your life luxurious and more comfortable. The average prices of the available units range between (425.000 – 650.000 TL).

The Asem Loft Residence (RG-2000) is established by the Asem Yapi construction company as the execution procedures started in May 2020. This company has over 15 years of experience in the construction and development industry, and completed many successful developments in Turkey and Abroad. Their projects are not limited to residential units but different building types from commercial solutions to social complexes. Asem Yapi also holds the property of other projects in Izmir like Asem Hill and Asem Campus. The are other projects similar to Asem Loft Residences like Luxury Residence (RG-54) Project in Izmir Bayrakli.

Where is the Location of Property Project Asem Loft Residence (RG-2000)?

Asem Loft Residence (RG-2000) is ideally located in the center of the Buca district in Izmir. Due to its perfect position, Asem Loft provides easy access to the University Campus, Colleges, all Government and Private Buildings, Izmir Airport, and other amenities in the area.

What are the Important Locations Near Property Project Asem Loft Residence (RG-2000)?

The project has the privileges of being near major landmarks and amenities which includes (but are not limited to):

  • 5 minutes away from 9 September University

  • 1 minute away from Tiraztab Private Hospital

  • 1 minute away from Ige Ihrecota School

  • Bim and A 101 Supermarkets right next to the project

  • A public transport station right next to the project.

  • 10 minutes away from Optima Mall

  • 10 minutes away from Fuar Fairgrounds

  • 20 minutes away from Izmir Airport

Being near dynamic transportation channels like, which connects vital parts of Izmir city, offers premium commuting and leisure opportunities to businessmen and working forces, during their travels to professional destinations.

International travels made easier with practical reactivity to Izmir Airport. Being surrounded by shopping centers, medical and educational institutes also create an optimal living environment for comfortable access to social areas.

What are the Features of Property Project Asem Loft Residence (RG-2000)?

  • Everything in Asem Loft is created for a prestigious and exclusive living in mind. Stylish interior designs, first-class materials, and workmanship are used to secure luxury living spaces.
  • Attentively planned Integration of Commercial units within Residential spaces
  • The project consists of (2) connected buildings with an area of (9800 m) which comprises (11) floors that include (100) flats, and (4) commercial shop units
  • The residential units are planned as (1+1) units with balconies, and duplexes with spacious terrace
  • The areas of the units range from (41 m2 – 530 m2)
  • Large windows in each flat, overlooking the city’s lights and captivating landscapes
  • The project contains terrace areas architecturally designed to suit its natural environment surrounded by unique beauties, that integrates with the modern lifestyle
  • The Project offers its residents, unique construction features, such as (2) elevators, Central Natural Gas System, Communal Terrace, Laminated Floors, Sound Proofing, and Heat Isolation Systems, Under-Floor Heating and Earthquake Regulation Compliant System
  • The residential units include fully equipped kitchen areas of international brands, fine marble origins, and stylish bathrooms
  • Top-quality materials and finishes are used in this project such as High-security steel entrance doors, Double-glazed windows, Heavy-duty air conditioning, and security systems.

What are the Reasons to Buy Property from Project Asem Loft Residence (RG-2000)?

  • The Project aims to serve you well-maintained, warm living areas with spectacular and dynamic project views.
  • The Project is Ideal for both living and Investment with Increasing value and high rental return
  • The availably of diverse residential units with spacious designs, social and entertainment facilities
  • Transportation accessibility, and proximity to popular shopping centers
  • The high quality of material used during all construction phases increase its value in the real estate market
  • The offered Discounts for cash payments and flexible payment plans that yield attractive financial opportunities

For Whom is Property Project Asem Loft Residence (RG-2000) Suitable for Purchase?

  • Excellent student housing, consisting of apartments of (1 + 1) styles, and as mentioned previously, the university’s capacity is increasing annually at a rate of 6%.
  • This project is suitable for small size families, due to the availability of limited residential units that come with sufficient facilities and social spaces. Moreover, the proximity to schools; universities; healthcare centers; hospitals, and transportation hubs, adds further attraction factors to this category of homeowners
  • Newly married couples that seek living inside luxury environments privileged with proximity to city centers
  • Businessmen, investors, and anyone searching for a great investment opportunity 

Is Project RG-2000 Suitable For Families with Children? 

Yes, The central location of the project with proximity to transportation facilities, educational institutes, and healthcare centers allowed this project to be the best choice for this category. As well as the peaceful living environment, available shopping centers, walking tracks, and playgrounds. 

Is Project RG-2000 Suitable For Single People?

Yes, in addition to location, facilities, and quality standards, the project yields the privilege of obtaining profitable returns for people who seek such investment initiatives, which opens the door for social and commercial opportunities

Is Project RG-2000 Suitable For Who Wants to Be Turkey Citizen?

No, this project is not suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

What Kind of Services Does Property Project Asem Loft Residence (RG-2000) Provide?

The project offers its residents a bundle of services such as : 

  • Elevators
  • Building management
  • Reception
  • 24/7 security staff
  • Spacious terraces
  • Social Facility
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Fitness Center
  • Camera-Door-Bell Security System
  • Kids Playgrounds
  • Green Areas
  • Walking Tracks

What are the Price Ranges of Property Project Asem Loft (RG-2000)?

BedroomsMin AreaMax AreaMin PriceMax Price
1+141 m²530 m²350.000 TL650.000 TL
Commercial 295 m²370 m²6.500.000 TL7.000.000 TL
Payment PlanDiscounts for Cash

The price ranges shown above, correspond to property features, location, area, and other applicable factors

What are the Payment Methods of Property Project Asem Loft Residence (RG-2000)?

The project is also privileged with flexible payment plans, financial facilitation, and discount for Cash Payments. The versatile residential options are also priced as per size, area, location, and other considerations 

What is Life Like in Property Project Asem Loft Residence (RG-2000)?

This project aims high to provide a lifestyle that will keep you happy and satisfied forever. Harmony of unique design combined with city life. Start your morning fresh with plenty of natural daylight, which will set you up for the rest of the day. This project is an excellent address for a unique investment with its incredible location, great architecture, and exclusive offers. You will be right at the heart of the city, and in the center of life, surrounded by private educational institutions, shopping malls, universities, and hospitals located in the immediate vicinity.

What are Other Property Projects that Have Central location Like Asem Loft Residence (RG-2000)?

There are other projects similar to Asem Loft Residence like :

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